Get an Over Budget, Delayed Project Back on Track Today

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Do you have a building project that has been over designed, tendered and come out over budget?

Do you have a project that has been delayed due to planning or other influences and is now behind programme?

If you are in either of these situations, we can help. Modulek are modular construction experts who specialise in value engineering overdesigned traditional build projects, bringing the project cost back to a set budget.

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Modulek is revolutionizing the construction landscape as a pioneering true hybrid construction company, expertly blending the aesthetics and durability of traditional buildings with the efficiency and speed of modular construction. Specializing in bespoke modular buildings, Modulek offers a unique approach to design and build, ensuring each project is tailored to meet specific needs.

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Modulek are a market leading true hybrid Construction Company specialising in the end-to-end design and build of bespoke modular buildings. Our hybrid modular construction offers the best of both worlds; the look and feel of traditional buildings with the construction speed of modular.

We offer a turnkey service including full planning, design, and compliance with Building Regulations from groundwork through to delivery and build. All our products are manufactured in the UK, and we act in accordance with all of latest building and design standards.

Find out more about why Modulek are at the forefront of the modular industry.

Concept To Completion In Weeks

We have one of the fastest proven build systems available on the market that can fulfil your needs in a matter of weeks.

In as little as 16 weeks from your initial consultation with us, we can design, install and handover your new building.

Choice Of Modern or Traditional Style

One of the benefits of modular construction is its fully customisable design and versatile layouts. Your building can be designed to match existing architecture or designed as a purpose-built modern building.
Using the Modulek unique hybrid blend of traditional and modular construction you have the best of both worlds, the design you want built with the speed of modular.


Modular construction is proven to be one of the greenest build methods available today. The use of recycled materials in the off-site production process is one of the highest in the construction industry.