Modular classrooms – perfect solution for any school

Modular classrooms – perfect solution for any school

modular classroom buildings

St. James CoE High School – Click on the image to view our time lapse video

Are your school facilities in desperate need of replacing?

Are they tired and weary?

For many schools, this is an all-too familiar situation. Many schools these days have a tight budget, and time is something that is often sparse!

Have you considered modular classrooms as the solution to your current facility requirements?

What are Modular Classrooms?

Picture a regular classroom or school block. Traditional school buildings are often large, grey and unexciting, with outdated facilities. When budgets are often tight, state-of-the-art facilities are only a dream.

So to get back to the question…what are modular classrooms?

Modular classrooms are constructed off-site, in a controlled factory environment. Buildings are prefabricated in modules and then delivered to site. Imagine Lego, but in real life! Modular classrooms are bespoke, making your dream building come alive!


Modular buildings can be relocated

You may be reading this article and wondering how moving a classroom can be good? As we mentioned early, some schools are fortunate enough to have a bigger budget than others. This budget is often spent on new buildings, repairs, maintenance and upkeep of buildings, staff recruitment, heating, food, resources…

But…if a school isn’t provided with a huge of budget, then the rate of repairs decreases, staff can end up redundant….

This is what makes the transportability of a modular classroom such a useful feature! Why not sell your building to generate income?

Or…you may find that you are on the move, and your dream building can come with you too!

But wait, there’s more…

Modular buildings can go where no other building can go

Many schools find that they are unable to upgrade their main building because there is no room to get machinery in! Time is often short, and budgets are tight! they have no room to get construction machinery in, and they also find that they have no time!

With traditional construction methods, the summer holiday is not long enough to construct a new state-of-the-art building! Even if it is possible to get contractors in, there is also the risk of health and safety, along with safeguarding.

Modular construction means that everything is done off-site, resulting in less time spent on-site, leading to less risk.

Modular classrooms are able to fit into tight spots, and it’s because of the way that they are constructed in modules, and then delivered.

Picture this…. you’ve got a quadrangle between your current building. You want to expand but access is tight, and the risks seem high. By working off-site in a factory, it will be easier to assemble your modular building on-site…it is far simpler to use modular, rather than risking the lives of worker working in an unsafe environment.

Special Education Needs School Buildings

Linwood School – Click on the image to watch our time lapse video case study

Not just a temporary solution…

Many of us reflect back to our school days, when grey bleak school mobiles were a temporary quick fix.However, today’s modern modular school buildings are a permanent solution, that have been built to the latest building regulations, creating an affordable solution for many schools.


A fast cost-effective solution

This has to be one of the key features of modular buildings. They are one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market today. Modular buildings don’t take as long to build, saving you money in labour charges, machine rentals etc!


Bespoke, modern, design

Modular buildings can be fully customised to blend in with already existing buildings. For example, if you have a very modern school building, then the design of your new building can blend in with the current building. However, do you know that you don’t just have to a modern exterior?

If your school is old, and is a listed building, a new modern building would look out of place. This is why the opportunity to customise your building to suit your requirements is so unique and so important.

In Summary

Modular classrooms are the perfect solution for any school. They are a bespoke, cost-effective solution for schools that want something that is unique and bespoke!

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