5 reasons why you should choose modular for your next project….

5 reasons why you should choose modular for your next project….

Are you in the leisure industry and have expansion plans for your business? Are you needing a new facility for your sporting activity? Can’t decide whether to go modular or traditional, when choosing your method of construction? From marina buildings to sport training facilities, modular buildings are suitable for everything!

With so many benefits, modular buildings are starting to be widely accepted as a better, more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional construction. There are so many reasons why modular construction is better, but in summary, it is down to the fact that environmentally friendly and ethically sourced materials are used, construction is so quick and easy, and the very minimal impact on your business during the construction period.

Benefit #1: Fast construction time!

Initially manufactured in a factory and then transported to your site, modular buildings are up in no time at all! By building offsite, you will see a speedy construction process as building and site work can be done simultaneously. An extra bonus, that quite definitely speeds up the construction process, is that your building will not be affected by the weather! Be it rain, sun or snow, your building can still be constructed!

Benefit #2: A building that is green!

Due to a set structure being perfectly planned, there is very low waste in the production process!

You can choose from so many environmentally friendly ‘quirks’ that you can add to your building: – photovoltaic solar roof modules, wind turbines and ground and air sourced heat pumps…the list is endless!

Benefit #3 Flexible and bespoke for you- creating a customer focussed solution!

Modular buildings can be made for both permanent and temporary needs, ensuring flexibility as it easy to refurbish and expand them. In addition, they can be disassembled and relocated- allowing the building to follow your plans, not you following the building plans!

Benefit #4 A cost effective solution!

Materials can be purchased in bulk, meaning that the overall cost of construction is lower. Knowing the specific measurements means that there is very little waste. Not only that but overall construction time is less, when using modular meaning that there is less chance of hidden costs, creating a cost effective solution!

Benefit #5 A high quality building!

Each building is unique and designed to solve your problem…with third party inspections and built using durable materials that are built to last and to withstand travel, you will certainly get a first class building. You can choose bespoke finishes, to aesthetically blend in with your surrounding environments, creating a building like none other!

Modular Prefabricated Sports Building
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