A practical guide to Modular Construction

Wanting to find out more about modular construction?

Modular construction is a fast growing trend when it comes to the modular construction industry…so many building projects are opting to go down the modular route when it comes to new projects…with modular construction being the fastest construction method on the market today, how much do you really know about modular construction?

For example, did you know that the first example of modular construction method being used was when the Crystal Palace was built in 1850? Designed by Joseph Paxton, a series of steel frames were built offsite and manoeuvred into position- modular construction was born! You can read all about it in our new eBook…

Are you considering modular construction for your next building project? From toilets, to changing rooms, to football pavilions, to secure blast-proof government buildings, modular construction methods can be utilised for so many different building types! For more examples, why not browse through our eBook to see further examples!

Have you heard about the benefits of modular construction? Do you know how fast modular construction is compared to traditional building methods? Do you know how cost-effective modular construction is? Do you know how environmentally friendly modular construction is? You may know the benefits, but still need convincing that modular construction is the construction method of choice…then sit down and learn all the facts about modular construction in our eBook!

Here at Modulek we love sharing our knowledge and passion for modular construction, hence we have decided to sit down and write an eBook. Written by an experienced team of modular construction gurus, we hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we did creating it! Not only will you find out the benefits of modular construction, you will learn the history of modular construction, see some key examples of different uses for modular construction, how modular construction is growing and much more!

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