All Modulek Buildings are manufactured and constructed to the highest recognised industry standards and are designed to meet all required UK building regulations.


Building Warranties & Durability Statement

Every Modulek Building comes with a Defect, Product and Structural Warranty.

We guarantee that your project will only be handed over when it is exactly fit for purpose. We offer the best After Care service in the industry and guarantee that we never walk away from a project. We remain on hand to offer advice and support should you need us in the future.


Twelve Month Defects Liability

The 12 month warranty is for the whole building and covers any defect other than those that clearly result from misuse, abuse or accidental damage.

Five Year Product Warranty

This covers any part of the external fabric of the building, inclusive of floor and wall panels, roof deck, and windows and doors. This warranty does not apply to internal floor finishes, wall finishes, ceiling finishes or internal fixtures and fittings, all of which are covered by a 12 month Defects Warranty.

Sixty Year Structural Warranty

Subject to final specification this covers the structural elements of the building which are the steel columns, steel side beams, steel floor joists, steel ties in the roof and the timber roof beams. This warranty is conditional on the building having an effective maintenance programme in operation throughout this period to protect the structural components from environmental damage which might occur should this not take place.



Durability Statement Design Life

The main structure is capable of a 60-year design life when designed and protected with the relevant materials. Other elements can achieve between 20 and 60 years depending on the specified materials, construction and required maintenance.