Anglo-Continental new build


Project: Dining Hall

Client: Anglo-Continental School of English

Completed: July 2014

Floor area: 180m²

Duration: 7 weeks

Value: £137k

Turnkey service elements completed:

  • Design
  • Groundworks
  • Manufacture
  • Delivery and installation
  • Service connections
  • Access footpaths

‘We are pleased with the final product, which was used successfully as a space in which our Young Learner students ate lunches and carried out activities in the summer.’

– Projects Supervisor/Visa Compliance Officer

Modulek provided this busy language school with a large dining hall, capable of seating 144 diners, during spring and early summer of 2014 ready for the busy summer season.

Whilst excavating the groundworks an old swimming pool was uncovered. This required our structural engineer’s input to redesign the foundations. Despite this set back to the programme the building was completed in just 7 weeks.