Beech Hall School

Situated on a beautiful 16 acre site and home to 2 listed buildings, Beech Hall School needed to demolish an existing building and replace with a brand new Science and Technology space. With restricted access a specialist plan was put in place to ensure a smooth delivery with minimum disruption.
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Project overview

Beech Hall School
Science Lab & Changing Facility
August 2019

Services provided

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • Groundwork
  • Installation
  • Internal fit out and finishing
  • Playground & Ramps
  • Paths and Fencing
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The turnkey project started with the demolition of the existing building. The site was then prepared to receive a piled foundation with 99 individual piles and a perimeter ground beam. New gas and water mains were ran 60m in trenches to the new building.

Beech Hall School

All of the building was installed in a single day after a complex delivery procedure involving an additional mobile crane and an off-site vehicle change location to negotiate the extremely difficult access.

Internally, specialist equipment and teaching facilities were fitted for the dedicated science lab and design technology room.

Beech Hall School

A brickwork exterior skin was constructed on top of a new ground beam for the required traditional appearance. The building was finished with bifold doors and anti-slip decking for pupil and staff safety.

Beech Hall School

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