Can Modulek modular buildings be permanent?

At Modulek, the buildings that we supply offer complete versatility which makes them ideal for both temporary and permanent purposes. As with any permanent structure, it is necessary to attain the correct permissions before commencing work. Our company excels in this area and will ensure that your planning application has the best chance of being accepted.

Failing to adhere to building regulations can quickly derail a project. We will ensure that all bases are covered incorporating any and all building requirements into our new builds. With our skills and expertise, we can provide you with a modular building that is rated to last up to 60 years.

What you can expect from our planning services

Once we have received planning permission, we will set about designing a structure that meets your requirements. From floor plans to the site location and more, our bespoke service takes care of all of the logistical aspects so you don’t have to. To give your modular buildings a permanent touch that is aesthetically pleasing, we can apply various external finishes such as cedar and mineral stone.

Benefits of Modular Buildings

A permanent building with the latest technologies is not only friendly to the environment but also cost-effective to run. From time clocks and thermostatic controls to premium insulation and non-concussive taps, these smart features will help you to save money. Plus, should the need arise modular buildings can be relocated without having to be dismantled first.

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How do Modulek buildings differ from my old school mobile classroom?

When you think of modular buildings, it is easy to imagine the old-style structures commonly associated with schools. At Modulek, we supply modular buildings that cleverly utilise the most cutting edge space frame designs. Our buildings are comprised of steel and unlike older style buildings, the ones we provide will last for up to 60 years.

Plus, unlike traditional structures which are prone to cold and damp infiltration, these make use of smart energy-saving features to afford you maximum comfort.

Do Modular Buildings suit any purpose?

At Modulek, we specialise in engineering multi-purpose designs that are suitable for a range of applications. This is due to the versatile nature allowing for complete customisation over the size, shape and configuration. Over the years, we have built modular buildings for a range of clients spanning sectors such as the military, healthcare, and leisure. One such example of our work is the recent project that we undertook for Kingsleigh Primary School.

Depending on the building’s use we can create a range of incorporated features such as:

  • Changing rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Storage closets
  • Toilet facilities and much more

Are Modular Buildings Health and Safety Compliant?

At Modulek, our new-style buildings differ greatly in the way in which they are constructed. We use rigorous control methods to ensure a high level of quality. All projects are carefully assessed by the URS in compliance with ISO 9001/2008 and we are fully certified by UKAS.

Every one of our employees carries a CSCS card and has been trained to carry out a full range of method statements and risk assessments. Plus, we take great pride in adhering to health and safety policies when carrying out any work.

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Are modular buildings made with Quality construction in mind?

Our factories utilise precision technologies combined with cutting-edge quality control procedures. This way, we can ensure that the modular building you receive has been built in full compliance with building regulations and to a high standard. Plus, carrying out all work in a controlled environment allows us to remain fully compliant with health and safety.

For professional guidance on how our Modulek buildings can solve your modular needs speak to a member of our friendly team.

What is different about Modulek to other modular suppliers?

Our Unique Modulek 7 Formula

1. Family managed from start to finish

2. Full design service at earliest stage including 3D visuals

3. Free professional site survey at the enquiry stage

4. Flexible design – exactly what you want

5. Fixed price, turnkey package with no hidden surprises

6. Fast action – from first contact to completion

7. Follow up – we never walk away

At Modulek, we aim to be different and with our complete turnkey package, there is nothing that we cannot offer. We will take the time to sit down with you to assess your requirements so that we can create a plan that is tailored to you. Our company don’t just supply stock built modular buildings, each one is unique and made to your exact specifications.

Plus, we handle all of the logistical aspects from acquiring the right planning permission and preparing the site to delivering and installing the finished product.

The finer things that truly set us apart

We remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We will always carry out work off-site in our specialist facilities to minimise our impact on the environment. All of our buildings boast the very latest smart energy management technologies to help you save money and remain eco-friendly.

Your building will be available within weeks and should you require it we can relocate it to a site of your choice. Unlike traditional builds, our company builds modular buildings that will last for up to 60 years.

Quality assured

Our company takes great care when it comes to the buildings that we manufacture. With stringent quality controls and strict compliance with health and safety, our project managers will always deliver on your expectations.

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How does the Modulek design perform compliance wise against traditional build?

At Modulek, our fantastic modular buildings are built in full compliance with today’s modern building regulations. This means they require no concessions to be made for us to build them. Utilising sophisticated space frame concepts they will provide you with solid and reliable use for up to 60 years. Unlike traditional builds which were somewhat limited our modular buildings can be adapted to any shape, size or configuration to suit any requirement.

Plus, with a range of quality finishes that includes brick and cedar cladding, you will have difficulty distinguishing these from non-modular structures.

Modern Modular Building Solutions

Old-style modular buildings were built as mere structures with no real long-term consideration for comfort or environmental impact. This lead to buildings that were often cold and damp and only lasted for a decade or so before starting to deteriorate. Each one of our modular buildings has been designed for comfort, practicality and to be fully eco-friendly.

Below are just some of the innovative energysaving solutions that our buildings feature:

  • Doubled glazing with energy B rated windows
  • Non-concussive taps
  • Premium insulation for walls, floors and ceilings
  • Smart lighting
  • Thermostatic controls

With a range of smart energy management options, these buildings will create an ideal living and working environment.

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