First Class Teams need First Class Buildings

First Class Teams need First Class Buildings

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How can you expect your team to maximise their potential, when they are housed in buildings that desperately need replacing? Or buildings that aren’t just up to the mark of what they should be? Or buildings that are cramped and don’t have enough space to house all the modern equipment that your team requires? All of these problems are challenges that are often faced by championship and premiership teams that have been recently promoted. Modular buildings are providing a quick, affordable and bespoke solution to your club requirements. What the main question that is often at the front of mind when considering new facilities is “What does modular have to offer compared to traditional methods of construction”…

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First things first. Modular buildings are built bespoke, to suit you. So, if you are needing a debrief room, along with a hydrotherapy pool and ice-baths, then tell the design team, and they will incorporate it into your building! Or it may be that you want the building clad in your bespoke colours…again, this is something that can be very easily achieved with modular methods of construction.

A big concern for many clubs is disruption when new builds are taking place. Disruption to clubs costs money, so the fact that modular construction is a faster alternative to traditional building is a huge benefit. When a traditional build takes place, extensive preparation work is carried out on site before any building work commences, slowing down the process. In comparison, modular buildings are constructed off-site, whilst foundations are being laid and site is prepared. Research suggests that projects have been sped up by 50% when modular construction has been chosen.

Come snow, rain, thunder or sun, modular building projects are rarely delayed due to weather conditions, severely reducing the risk of building sites lying half-finished for weeks on end. How is this possible? The answer is simple…80% of modular construction takes place in a factory. Sports facilities are often situated in high traffic, public places, so the dangers of accommodating a building site for an extended period of time quickly start to mount. Modular construction minimises, if not removes this danger and has the added bonus of a safe, secure factory space where building materials can be stored, protecting the building from weather damage.

Similarly, off-site modular construction means less building materials, less vehicles and workers on site, which enables sports facilities to operate as smoothly possible whilst work is being carried out. This ensures that the local area experiences minimal disruption. Delivery and installation of modular buildings can take place at a pre-agreed, convenient time, for all parties in order to minimise risk and disturbances.

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Are you looking to expand your sports facilities, adapt to changes in team sizes or even relocate? All of this is possible with modular buildings. They can be added to…reduced…reconfigured and relocated with ease, providing greater flexibility for great teams!

Your modular building will lead to cost savings, as its doors can open sooner, leading to a faster return on its investment. So with lower project costs, faster construction times, high quality, and a building that looks permanent, it’s crystal clear as to why so many clubs are choosing to go modular.

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