Go Green

GO GREEN – Go green and reduce energy costs

Do you want to reduce energy costs? Perhaps lower the environmental impact you have? That’s what we’re striving for at Modulek. We understand the global implications of our business and are always looking to improve.

Providing energy saving features

We look to incorporate as many energy saving features in modular buildings as we can. In the design and manufacturing processes we use as many sustainable materials as possible. Our design has been researched and developed to help you reduce energy consumption, thus lowering your energy costs.

Many features are used in an attempt to provide a suitable environmental solution for new buildings. We use premium insulation levels to walls, floors and ceiling to conserve heat. Doubled glazing and energy rated B windows are fitted as standard, as well as occupancy/daylight sensitive internal lighting.

We also utilise heating with time clocks and thermostatic controls and water saving non-concussive taps.

We’re fully committed to coming up with innovative ways to maximise sustainability whilst minimising the impact we have on the environment. We do all this whilst making sure that your needs are met with a practical and comfortable work place.

Contact us to find out how we’re able to help you go green.