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Inclusive Learning Environment Conference 2022

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Springwood Campus


At Modulek we believe that our future generations deserve to be able to explore their capabilities in bespoke new buildings that are designed to offer the very best environments for your pupils to feel secure, flourish and be the best that they can be.

Modulek is proud to have completed numerous projects up and down the UK, to design and construct impressive new educational buildings providing state of the art learning spaces and classrooms. Our unique design capabilities enable us to capture your vision exactly and provide the best facilities and teaching environments for your pupils to enjoy every moment of their school years.

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Linwood School Installation

Click on the video to watch Linwood School being installed.

Linwood School Case Study Video

Click on the video to hear from Elisa Witts about her account of working with Modulek and what it means to her pupils.

St James COE High School and SEN building installation

Click on the video to watch the brand-new two storey bespoke building being delivered and installed. It was designed to provide the very best learning environment for pupils and staff. From the early design stage every consideration was given to the areas that were needed so that the outcome would be exactly fit for purpose.

Springwood Campus

Springwood School Case Study

Click here to see the case study for Springwood School.

Meet the Team

Click here to meet our team of Directors and all the staff at Modulek.

Brand Video

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Inclusive Learning Environments - School Buildings - Testimonials


Click on the video to see what people say about our Inclusive Learning Environment School Buildings.

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