London Construction Awards – Offsite Innovation of the Year

London Construction Awards – Offsite Innovation of the Year

Leading the way in Offsite Innovation with bespoke tailor-made solutions…

The offsite construction industry is a rapidly developing industry within the UK, and it is something that is revolutionising the way that buildings are built…buildings can be delivered faster and cheaper without compromising on quality.

The MDL Marina’s project

Modulek LTD - Hamble Marina - 01
Modulek LTD - Hamble Marina - 02

For the leisure industry this is something of vital importance, and was something that was realised by Marina Developments Limited, when they knew that they had to attract more yacht brokers to the Hamble Point Marina in Southampton. They knew they had no time to waste, as the summer season was fast approaching, and therefore they opted to go down the Modulek route as they knew that their building could be delivered fast, increasing return on investment.

Marina Developments wanted something that challenged the status quo, yet the building had to be aesthetically designed to blend in with their natural surroundings. Hamble Point Marina is nestled in the heart of the Hamble Marina, where both flora and fauna flourish, and where the beautiful scenic panorama of the Solent could not be blighted by an ugly building. The Modulek design time came up with a state-of-the-art bespoke design, that distinguished Marina Developments from its competition, whilst reflecting the high quality of the Marina Development brand. This was something that Marina Developments Limited found hard to believe that was possible when utilising offsite construction methods. Modulek created something that was unique, modern but was natural, showing how far modular construction has come in the past few decades.

Internally there are no concessions! Fitted with bespoke wooden flooring, and state-of-the-art air conditioning services, along with high quality office and retail furniture, the new facilities are truly first-class facilities. Modulek included everything that the Marina Group wanted, from toilets to break-out office areas to shop outlet areas, they were given their dream building!

By utilising the latest offsite construction methods, Modulek made sure that Marina Developments Limited didn’t have to worry about weather, or delays! Instead, they received a unique building designed and tailored specifically to them, on time, with minimal disruption and no hidden costs!
Estates Manager Simon Welch commented on how he liked “the clean open space that they provide internally for occupiers and the flexibility that this gives along with the way that they appear, and the way that they naturally blend in with the marina, matching their surroundings well”.

It is the way that Modulek have been innovating the offsite construction industry that has led to them being shortlisted as a finalist for the Offsite Innovation of the Year Award in the London Construction Awards 2019, something which given the high nature of all the entries submitted to the judging panel this year, can be considered as a huge privilege.

London Construction Awards

You may be wondering what the London Construction Awards are…. The London Construction Awards recognise achievements, developments and innovation within London’s booming construction industry and feature a wide range of categories for solution providers, contractors, architects, civil engineers, developers and local authorities.

Here at Modulek, we know that by grasping every advantage and adapting to wider industrial change, we are innovating the offsite construction industry, which is why we chose to enter the awards! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for giving us the opportunity to further develop our offsite innovations, and for giving us the opportunity to drive change and create buildings that are energy efficient, bespoke, smart and flexible.

So, to conclude, as I write with a sense of elation, we are overwhelmed that we have won this award, but we know that we are not finished yet…here’s to many more decades of Modulek revolutionising the offsite construction industry!

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