Modular Buildings for Sports & Leisure

Modular Buildings for Sports & Leisure

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Do you run a local sports club?

Are you needing a new building but aren’t sure how to go about it?

Then read on…

Are you wanting to choose a building that is light and airy, warm and welcoming? Are you needing an affordable, attractive building that is perfect for your sporting and leisure activities?

Have you considered using modular construction methods for your building project?

Modular buildings are designed and adapted to suit your requirements. This means that you can get exactly what you are look for, to suit your need. Are you wondering what you could use a modular building for?

Modular buildings can be used for so many different purposes, in fact they don’t have to be used for one specific purpose…just take a look at the list below for some inspiration…

  • Yoga studio
  • Sport club house
  • Bowling pavilion./club room
  • Changing rooms
  • Toilet blocks
  • Retail space
  • Gym/fitness studios…maybe your next Zumba class will be in a modular building!
  • Poolside house
  • Visitor centre/kiosk/café

Have you considered the benefits of modular buildings? Read on to find out more!



Modular buildings are so eco-friendly! Throughout all of the modular manufacturing process, an environmentally friendly approach is taken. From sourcing heat-treated thermowood, to recycling materials, the overall environmental impact of your new building being constructed is reduced, right from the conception of the project.

Reduced energy consumption

All of the modules are built in a highly controlled environment, meaning that the energy poured into the assembly process is marginal when compared to its traditional counterpart. The use of double glazed windows, heat/cool air conditioning and insulation gives the building an increased energy efficiency, reducing heat loss and saving money on your heating bills.  Modular buildings can incorporate the latest generation eco-friendly photovoltaic technologies and solar heating systems, minimising energy consumption by harvesting energy from one of the greatest energy resources of all, the sun, therefore reducing the overall impact on the environment. By combining these renewable technologies into our modular building designs, we can greatly offset the carbon footprint of a building.

Modular Fitness Studios


The speed in which a modular building can be delivered is really quite mind boggling! Your building will be ready within weeks, allowing your teams to flourish in a new vibrant, fresh environment!

Reduced noise pollution

By using modular methods of construction you reduce noise pollution dramatically. Fewer building material deliveries are required, the total number of staff on-site is reduced, and the need for noisy on-site machinery is dramatically reduced. By building offsite in a factory, your community and club users can carry on with all their sporting efforts without too much disturbance, leading to fewer complaints and your building be installed harmoniously and peacefully within the community.


Many people think of modular buildings as grey, uniform buildings, with leaking roofs and rotten timbers. Times have moved on and you can now choose a building that is completely bespoke. You might want it clad in your club colours or in a bespoke natural looking timber to seamlessly blend in with a woodland environment…whatever you want you can have it!

Modular buildings are for sure the way forward as it’s the fastests construction method in the industry today.. A flexible green solution tailored to your needs with a minimal site disruption.

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