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AFC Bournemouth Training Centre

You want flexible designs to suit your wants and needs. We can deliver that. Our buildings are designed to meet your every need; allowing sport organisations of every type to achieve their sporting dreams. We’ll listen to you to find out what you need, then design and build your bespoke project.

With the latest modern methods of construction, we can finish the job to your specification, on time and on budget, avoiding costly site disruption and weather delays to players and management staff.

The Solution

With modular construction there is less time spent on site compared to traditional building methods, making your build faster and cost-efficient. Allowing you to create something that will benefit you and your community. Modular buildings are flexible. They can be smart. They can be casual. They can be whatever you need them to be. The many uses of modular sports pavilions include:

  • Training pavilions
  • Sports club houses
  • Changing rooms & public toilet blocks
  • Gym/fitness studios
  • Clubhouse, bar or café
  • Poolside house
  • Visitor centre or kiosk
  • Offices & administrative centres


Modulek buildings are available in just weeks enabling the building to be used much sooner than traditional build. We speed up the process by using modern methods of construction, an award-winning in-house design team and ensuring the planning process is error free thus avoiding unnecessary delays.

Reduced Noise Pollution

  • As your eco-building is completed in a factory, the construction site will require considerably fewer personnel than a traditional site would
  • There are no building material deliveries or noisy on-site machinery
  • Besides benefiting the environment, your community and club users can continue activities with minimal disturbance
  • It also means a harmonious approach for your neighbours too

Reduced Energy Consumption

  • As the modules are precision-built, the energy used in the assembly process is marginal compared with a traditional build
  • Our buildings use double-glazed windows, heat/cool air conditioning and insulation, to provide greater energy efficiency, reducing heat loss and saving you money
  • Our reliable recessed led lighting uses less energy and is low maintenance
  • Modular buildings can be installed utilising the latest generation photovoltaic technologies and solar water heating systems, minimising energy consumption and environmental impact. Photovoltaic cell systems (pv) can also run appliances and lighting. Combining these renewable technologies into your designs can greatly offset your carbon footprint

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

  • Heat treated Thermowood® can be used, lowering the environmental impact of prefabricated builds and reducing waste
  • Modular buildings are built in a controlled environment, instead of on-site, using offsite construction. Unused materials are recycled not sent to landfill.
  • Plus, the materials themselves are eco-friendly in the first place

Running Costs

A single module, eco-modular building can cost you as little as 95p per day to run And, with proper care, it should last for 60 years, if not longer.

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