Benefits Of Modulek Buildings

Our unique hybrid construction method blends two worlds of construction: Modular design provides you with efficiency and speed and blends it with traditional styles and finishes.

Bringing what was only originally possible with traditional building design into the Modern Methods of Construction marketplace, providing you with the best of both worlds at a fraction of the build time.

Speed Of Construction

The modular design of our buildings enables us to manufacture off-site which greatly increases the efficiency and speed of a project. Whilst the groundwork is being carried out on site, the modular sections are in full production, with 70% of the building complete and delivered as soon as the site is prepared. The modular sections are then transported to site and craned straight into place. This can all be completed and delivered in a matter of weeks.

Minimal Disruption

Our experienced team of Project Managers ensure that there are minimal disruptions to the day-to-day existing site activity. With one construction team on site who coordinate the groundwork and the proven speed of our build method, there are less deliveries and trades on site which greatly reduces disruption.

We make sure that deliveries are at convenient times of the day, to minimise congestion and interference to the usage of the site and its impact on occupants.

Proven Experience and Results

Nothing speaks louder than our client’s testimonials. Our unique construction method is serving clients’ across multiple sectors. Our ability to understand and deliver on a concept is why our reputation in the industry is so highly regarded.

The combined expertise of our Senior Management and our award-winning Design and Construction professionals is what enables us to be leading the way in creating bespoke buildings that exceed our clients’ expectations on all fronts.


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