Modular Building for schools

Modular Building for schools

Do you dream of turning your school into a building site? Most probably not! In fact, this has to be a headteacher’s worst nightmare! That’s why modular construction is becoming the preferred construction method for schools. In as little as 6 weeks from conception, to move-in day, your building project can be done and dusted during school holidays, minimising disruption to the running of your school! I guess you are thinking it is too good to be true…I mean, how can a school building be delivered that quick yet be high quality and affordable? Read on to find out why modular buildings are the preferred choice for schools that are needing to expand their facilities.

Modular Building

Schools need to make the best use of the space that they have available. Schools also need to create a building that will inspire generations of students! However, the task of creating a building that meets these requirements can seem quite a daunting task! By choosing modular, you will be able to utilise your available space in the best way possible, whilst having the chance to create a building that is tailor-made and high quality. Your new building will utilise the latest technology and state-of-the-art bespoke finishes. Modular construction methods are giving schools the opportunity to create an inspiring building, on budget and within tight time-frames.

We know that schools are busy places, where disruption is quite frankly a bane, and is definitely something that all school management teams want to keep to a minimum. With modular construction, this problem is resolved, by using off-site construction methods, which minimises on-site disruption. Modular construction methods mean that it is possible for building work to place in holiday time, reducing the risk to students, teachers and parents. In fact, by the time that your students return from their holiday, your building will be ready to occupy!

Sure, this sounds like a fancy pipe-dream idea, but this is actually possible. Modular buildings are built off-site, in a factory environment, where quality of is the utmost importance. All buildings are subject to scrutiny before leaving the factory, making sure that no stone is unturned, therefore reducing risks and delays! The overall project time can be reduced by 30%…reducing disruption to your busy school!

Are you sat reading this article and not convinced that modular buildings are any different to the grey rotting timber mobiles that you used to sit in? Those bleak buildings that were the least inspiring, with leaking roofs? These are no longer, and today’s modular buildings can be made so that they are completely unique to you! Have you considered using a brick-skin cladding to blend in with traditional buildings? Or an attractive cedar or wood cladding to blend in with woodland environments? Or a bespoke cladding, printed in your school’s colours, to make your building stand apart from the crowd? There are so many options…but the point is that modular buildings today are a stark contrast to the ones from yesteryear!

So, unsure what to do next? Why not contact our friendly team on 01202 813121, who will be able to take you to the next step of the process!

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