Modular t buildings for the leisure industry

Modular t buildings for the leisure industry

Are you looking to attract new clients?

Are you looking to build a new visitor centre? 

Are you looking for a new clubhouse building?

Are your current facilities starting to show signs of age?

Whatever your building project may be, you are no doubt wondering how you are going to achieve a high-quality building on a tight budget, with deadlines that have to be met…

You are at a crossroad with two options…

Option 1 – Choose traditional construction methods- too expensive, will have to wait ages, and so many risks involved…nope, not worth it!

Option 2- Choose modular construction – mmm, sounds interesting. But I’m not too sure about the benefits…well, you are at the right place…. read on to find out more about the benefits of modular construction.


So many building projects these days have to be kept to a very strict budget. By choosing modular construction, there will be no hidden costs. Once you have chosen your very own bespoke design to suit your requirements, and discussed the groundworks and your needs with our design team, you will get what we estimated.

Got tight deadlines? With modular construction, speed is of the essence and your building will be delivered and fitted out, ready for you to move in, in no time at all! Modular construction is also known as offsite construction, for one very key reason…,that is that the building is built offsite, meaning that your groundworks and site preparation can happen on-site whilst your building is manufactured in a factory controlled environment, where quality is of the utmost importance.

Worried about risks?  Don’t worry! With modular construction, the risks are minimal! Worried about weather? The building is built in a secure factory, where weather is of no problem! Building works can continue, come rain or snow!

Considering the importance of your surroundings? It is of course important to make sure a building does blend in with its natural surroundings…with so many cladding and exterior options to choose from, as well as all the latest environmental features such as solar panels and environmentally sourced timber cladding, you can be sure that your new modular building will be the perfect fit!

Have you got very bespoke requirements such as non-slip flooring, accessible changing areas or specific kitchen requirements? With modular construction, you can choose what you want, so that your building will be designed for you…

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