Modular Construction for the Retail Industry

Modular Construction for the Retail Industry

Modular buildings for retail…surely not? Surely modular buildings are grey bleak mobile buildings that are meant to be temporary, a short-term solution for a school or business in the midst of developing new space, or where space is short, money is short and time is short? How on earth can they possibly be built for a retail purpose, where look, budget and time are crucial?

In the last few decades, modular has certainly evolved, and it has certainly got people talking.  Construction is exciting, life-changing and it can even dramatically change the surrounding culture of where a city where the new building is located.

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Imagine the possibilities with modular. Your new retail building can be constructed offsite, in a factory, where it doesn’t rain…delays are minimised, and risks are vastly reduced. Your new retail building can be built using sustainable resources, and left-over materials can be used on the factory’s next project. Your new retail building can be built bespoke, for you, meaning that if you want a building in your corporate colours to reflect your high-quality brand, then that is exactly what you will get.

Gone are the days of the bleak portable buildings!  Modular is simply modular…a building that is built in modules, in separate parts that can be assembled to form a whole building…simple…! Just think of it like Lego…the Lego bricks are built in a factory, and then are delivered in a box, ready for you to clip together so that you get your bespoke configuration! Due to this relatively straightforward approach, you have far more control over design, pricing and quality.

Modulek LTD - Globeside Cafe - 46a
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When it comes to retail, the quicker you have a return on your investment, the better! Consider Globeside Café for a scenario…they acquired a site for a new café in the centre of a busy industrial estate. How long does it take them to make money? It takes as long as it takes to build the new café! But how? By using modular, Globeside Café could construct a brand-new café, in the shortest time-frame possible.

The new building was constructed offsite in a highly controlled environment to the exact specification required. This only took weeks which would have been impossible for any other method of construction. The outside materials include an aesthetically pleasing wood cladding, modern glass panels and a beautiful wood interior to make the café have a modern feel.

The result of Globeside café choosing to go modular meant the café could be up and running in weeks from deciding on a location. With a long-lasting high-quality structure, the building is certainly worth the investment.

Modulek LTD - Globeside Cafe - 50
Modulek LTD - Globeside Cafe - 53
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Want to be the next modular retail building success story?

Then by choosing modular today, you will be choosing progress

Wanting to find out more about modular construction?

Here at Modulek we love sharing our knowledge and passion for modular construction, hence we have decided to sit down and write an eBook. Written by an experienced team of modular construction gurus, we hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we did creating it! Not only will you find out the benefits of modular construction, you will learn the history of modular construction, see some key examples of different uses for modular construction, how modular construction is growing and much more!

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