Modular School Buildings Facilities

Modular School Buildings Facilities

There are so many occasions when school facilities plans start to go wrong, and typically it’s not because the planning application that was submitted was of poor quality. Things can happen…that’s just life. Some of the many contributing factors include unexpected population shifts, changes in the economic stability of the region and funding changes.

A lot of the time, we have a tendency to construct something that makes sense at the time of building. But we have to consider the common saying, ‘The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well’. That means that buildings should be created with tomorrow in mind. They should be a place that is a dynamic and inspiring environment, to create tomorrow’s leaders! Anyway, back to the original idea, why do schools expand? It is not always an increase in pupils enrolling at school that causes schools to bulge at the seams!

The three reasons that are generating needs for more classroom and educational space…

  1. Full day nursery on site

With the wide-spread implementation of full-day nursery on-site at infant schools, students are increasing their skills and social development as well as helping those busy careers focussed parents!

  1. New legislation which means more classrooms are needed

New building regulations have been introduced meaning that classrooms have a cap limit of 30 children instead of having 35 children in a class.

  1. Schools are combining and consolidating their multiple facilities into one larger facility

Across the country, schools are combining their facilities into a single larger facility, usually for economic efficiency.

Some other reasons that can affect the usefulness of school buildings:-

  • New housing developments being built, creating an influx of school-aged children to a local authority.
  • Opening or closing of nearby schools
  • Old buildings needing a revamp or new construction

Are  you facing issues with your educational space?

 Enter modular buildings…a lower-cost, faster-turnaround option for school expansion plans. Many private schools, academies and special education schools are taking advantage of this modern solution.

Rising in popularity across the country, modular buildings are no longer the pre-fab buildings of the past!  Prefab buildings are no longer plagued with noisy and inadequate ventilation systems, lack of natural light and are not ugly. The modular classrooms of today can be customised and made bespoke to your design, blending in seamlessly with their environments as well as being sustainable to provide a healthier learning environment for students.

AND it’s not just classrooms! Schools are using modular solutions for many purposes:-

  • Office space
  • Libraries
  • Rehabilitation/chill-out/counselling support spaces
  • Labs
  • Hall space
  • Sports pavilions
  • Whether it may be a small classroom that’s a couple of hundred square metres or a space that exceeds ten thousand square feet for student capacity, schools can find solutions in the perfect size for their needs!

How can Modular Buildings help you?

They can help your budget…

By taking advantage of off-site construction of your school facilities, you will realize tremendous time and cost savings!

So how are modular classrooms and educational spaces a cost-effective option for you? With the unique efficiency of a factory setting and an assembly process, the off-site construction setting provides the ability to perform extensive quality control, avoiding many imperfections frequently found in on-site projects.

Furthermore, consider the benefits of an off-site location for waste. Because weather conditions are really not a problem for the best part of the building process, there is less waste of costly materials ruined by the elements and fewer days wasted due to inclement weather!

They can help your schedules!…

Whilst the building is being built in the factory, groundworks are taking place at the same time onsite! By using modular construction methods for your project, you can reduce your ‘from time to getting into the building’ by as much as 50%…something which is ever so important for the limited time span that many schools have!

They can help you create a quality building…

Did you know that modular buildings are actually designed and built to be stronger than traditionally-built buildings? They have to withstand the transportation, the crane operation and the final process to get them into their correct place.

And to give it that final crème-de-la-crème look, the exterior finishes can match the rest of your building. The additional buildings do not need to look like a fish out of water! Internally, you would not know that you are standing or sitting in a modular building, for the flooring, ceiling, lighting, ventilation and heating/cooling systems are on par with what is provided when you use traditional construction.

With only minimal time spent on site, the benefits are huge for the surrounding environment – less noise, pollution and destruction of green space.

Modular space is often the solution for a schools space need- at Modulek, we understand that school facility managers have a difficult task in the face of increasingly demanding circumstances in the education sector!

Do you need new school facilities? Do your current buildings need a revamp? Contact our friendly team on 01202 813121 to request a quote or contact us using our contact form!

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