Modular School Buildings Construction – Planning Ahead

Modular School Buildings Construction – Planning Ahead

John Bentley School – Click on the image to view the case study

2020 has begun, and we already nearly a ¼ of the way through the year! With spring fast approaching, it is important that schools begin planning for any necessary expansion that their school may need to cope with the ever-increasing student population.

Preparing your plans ahead, and kicking off your plans early, will give you the upper hand in the long run. We all know the common saying ‘procrastination is the thief of time’…it could also end up being the thief of your students grades, or the thief of academic improvement…therefore it is vital that early planning takes place, so that you can reap the benefits later on!

Beech Hall School
eco modular classroms

Beech Hall School – Click on the image to view the case study

Modulek Eco Classroom – Click on the image to find out more

Get ahead of the crowd

Whilst modular construction means buildings can be built in any weather, in purpose-built manufacturing facilities, it is still preferred to have good weather, for on-site foundation work! This in turns results in a gold-mine style rush for those in the construction industry, resulting in the summer months being exceptionally busy. As the summer months come into view, building contractors and construction companies will be incredibly busy. Therefore, if you start constructing your modular building project in the spring, you can avoid competition from other schools!

Modulek - Moor House School & College-5
Beech Hall School
Beech Hall School

Get your contractor of choice!

By starting to plan your project in the spring, you have time to compare quotes, but you will also have time to find the contractor that is the best fit for you and your school.  They say that the early bird gets the worm, and by starting to plan early, you will be able to reach key project personnel before they get booked up by everyone else! It also gives them the opportunity to provide you with undivided attention, resulting in a smoother construction process overall.

Modern Architect Designed Modular Buildings
prefabricated classrooms

St. James COE High School – Click on the image to view the case study

St. Edmunds School – Click on the image to view the case study

Get planning early, and save a few pennies too!

This is one case where ‘better later than never’ really does not apply. By beginning your project earlier than the busy summer months, you will be more likely to get your project on budget, and on-time. You will find it easier to get planning permission – demand will be less, therefore planning control officers will be able to issue planning quicker. If you want a contractor that you can trust, with the best possible pricing, it is better to start early!

Modular School Building
Modulek LTD - Bloxham School - 16

Give yourself enough time to breathe!

By beginning your project in the spring, you have more time allowed for your building project. There is always something unexpected that arises, and by extending the amount of time allowed for your building project, you can be rest assured that any potential setbacks, delays or complications will most likely not affect your target move-in day! Because of this, you have time to think, and can be assured that you planned ahead and gave yourself and your school enough time for your building project.

Give yourself time to get those classrooms ready!

Most schools need to expand, because their student intake is rapidly increasing. This means that you need your modular school building ready to hit the ground running at the start of the new school year.

If you start your modular school building project in the spring, then it will be ready in the summer, giving you plenty of time to prepare your classrooms, all ready for the start of the new year! This means you can thoroughly relax in your well-deserved summer break!

Modulek LTD - Alderbrook - 06
St George's Weybridge

Alderbrook School – Click on the image to view the case study

St. George’s School –  Click on the image to view the case study

Give yourself the opportunity to plan for success!

Modular construction is available all year round, and the benefits it can provide for your school are enormous. At the end of the day, everything evolves around your specific needs…but the bottom line is this…

“There is no substitute for proper preparation”.

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