Planning Ahead For Modular School Building Construction


Prepare now for new educational buildings

With the summer holidays fast approaching, plans for 2023 and beyond may seem a long way off, but we know how important planning for new educational buildings is and the amount of preparation that that is needed for a project to be approved and given the go ahead.

The key for a successful project is to plan and engage early with construction professionals. Even if you are at concept stage, the advice that construction and design professionals who specialise in educational buildings will give you, can be the most valuable part of the build project.


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Not only will they be able to guide you with design concepts, they will also be able to help you with addressing the immediate and future plans of the new space to ensure that maximum benefit is achieved now and for the future.

By engaging early, it gives you the time to discuss design concepts and consider different options. Looking at different layouts for your new building allows you to accommodate space for the best teaching facilities and equipment and how to connect with existing school buildings or utilise space to the outdoors.

Interaction with a construction company who specialise in design is an exciting part of the process. They will be able to wow you with their school building ideas and bring to life your vision.


Get ahead of the crowd

Whilst modular construction means buildings can be built in any weather, in purpose-built manufacturing facilities, it is still preferred to have good weather, for on-site foundation work. This in turns results in a gold-mine style rush for those in the construction industry, resulting in the summer months being exceptionally busy. This also ties in with the summer holidays being the best time to build whilst pupils are on holidays. Both these combined, result in the summer months being very busy for building contractors and construction companies.

It is worth considering starting construction in the early Spring, half term holidays are an ideal time to commence groundworks and Easter allows time for delivery of the building without causing disruption to everyday school. It also means you can avoid competition from other schools!

Get your contractor of choice

Planning your build well in advance also gives you ample time to obtain and compare quotes and have the time to find the contractor that is the best fit for you and your school.  They say that the early bird gets the worm, and by starting to plan early, you will be able to reach key project personnel before they get booked up by everyone else.
It also gives them the opportunity to provide you with undivided personal attention, site meetings and engage with other key stakeholders who might be involved in the project, resulting in a smoother construction process overall.


See what good school planning can result in

Heathlands Primary School told us they needed a bright and modern building with welcoming classrooms and plenty of natural light. The school now have a building that they can be proud of and plenty of space for the pupils to thrive in. Read the full case study here.


Get Planning In

Construction companies who specialise in educational buildings will also be able to advise and complete the planning process on your behalf. They will be able to guide you through the regulations and ensure that the final design will have the best chance of approval and not be subject to any delays or having to resubmit.

Give yourself time to get those classrooms ready

The most common reason for new educational buildings is to accommodate expanding pupil numbers. This means that you need your modular school building ready to hit the ground running and welcome in pupils and teachers as soon as possible.

A Turnkey solution from your chosen contractor will provide this for you, the interior fit out will be complete and landscaping and any new design to walk ways or playgrounds can also be accommodated and finished at the same time as the building meaning all will complete at the same time, ready for you to move straight in.

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