Modular School Buildings – When flexibility meets innovation

Modular School Buildings – When flexibility meets innovation

Are you wondering what your school will look like in twenty years’ time? Even fifty?

Property maintenance and development is a key challenge that faces many schools, from independent to state run schools. It is something that requires careful planning and foresight, but is also something that has immediate impact on your school’s facilities, learning environment, capacity and most importantly your finances.

Have you considered modular buildings as a solution to your space problems? Or your growing number of pupils? Modular buildings are quick to construct, affordable and are guaranteed to last for at least sixty years. They are a low-cost, sustainable solution and can be installed in a very short period of time, allowing them to be installed during school holidays, minimising noise and disruption at your school. Modular buildings are made from the highest quality, and most sustainable materials, making them a stark contrast to the old-style portacabin classrooms which were bleak, cold and often had problems! Today’s modern modular learning environments are comfortable and have a modern appearance, that is bespoke and tailor-made to your requirements.

Bespoke Modular Buildings

Modular classrooms have so many uses and can add value to schools in other ways. You can use a modular building for so many different reasons…

You can create a multifunctional school building that is fit for more than one purpose. Why not create a changing room facility, that is accessible to every student, and provides a state-of-the art environment to facilitate further progress in PE and Sports Education? Or you can create a new learning environment. Modular school buildings are designed with both the teacher and student in mind, offering a comfortable and inspiring environment, with all the facilities that are required for a positive, fulfilling and rewarding education.  Did you also know that modular buildings are environmentally friendly? In fact, you could say that modular buildings are sustainable in all senses of the word, as they are built using exceptionally eco-friendly materials, and are built with minimal impact on the environment.  Not only that, but your new building can generate income…why not rent it out for a yoga class or a community group, or use it for a school governor meeting outside of school hours. It will certainly be a smart move, that has sustainability at its core, guaranteeing long-term income for decades into the future!

How will you use the space?

Ideas might include:-

  • Extra classroom space
  • Outdoor learning area
  • Cricket pavilion/sports area
  • School meeting room
  • Music/drama building
  • School canteen
  • Staff room
  • School hall
  • School office
  • Storage space
  • SEN area
  • And many more!

Can’t decide on just one use for your building? Why not create a building that is flexible and can be used for many purposes?

However you decided to make use of your new building, you can be sure it will be a sustainable and long-term solution to your schools facility and space requirements…

Got further questions about modular construction?

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