Modular school buildings VS Conventional builds

Modular school buildings VS Conventional builds

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We are now already halfway through the academic year, and many schools are starting to prepare for the next year. Schools are just finding out how many additional students they will be receiving in September. They are just realising that they will be requiring a new classroom facility, to accommodate these additional students. They are realising that this will mean that they will be bulging out of the seams of their existing building. But they need a solution…

So, the school governor meeting has begun, and the senior management team is sat round the table, discussing all the various options. Traditional building, bricks and mortar style? Too many risks, too long…nah just leave it! But wait a minute…someone has just mentioned modular…most people would immediately baulk at the thought, reflecting back to their school days, when they spent hours in cramped, grey bleak buildings with leaky roofs, rotten floors, no insulation, un-regulated temperatures, no double glazing…the list of problems is endless. But hang on a minute? Times have changed, and modular school buildings are starting to become the preferred option.

Read on to see how modular buildings can benefit your school, and can create an inspiring environment for your students!

Often school projects have strict budgets, making it very difficult to choose a building that can meet all requirements. Modular buildings make the best use of space, whilst achieving the school’s dreams and aspirations, all at a fixed price, with no hidden costs! With a modular building you can create your own design, your own bespoke layout, choose your own bespoke cladding, to match your school colours and you can also make the most of the opportunity to landscape the surrounding area! Whatever you discuss at your initial design meeting, with your modular building designer, you will get it!

You may be considering how you will manage the risk of children near building sites… Many schools choose to have their building installed in the school holidays, reducing this risk. However, this results in very tight deadlines that may be difficult to meet when traditional construction methods are used. With modular construction, speed is of the essence, and your building will be ready for the big D-Day in September!

Your new modular building will be constructed offsite in a very highly controlled factory environment, to ensure you get the highest quality modular building that is currently available, and so that you don’t experience delays, as groundworks and site preparation can occur simultaneously whilst your building is in the factory.

Are you in a beautiful rural setting? Or is your school situated in a busy, urban area? Wherever your school may be situated, your new building will seamlessly blend in with its existing surroundings. When you sit down with your design consultant you will have the option to choose from various cladding and exterior options, giving you the once of a lifetime opportunity to create a building that is completely bespoke to you.

Do you know how energy efficient a modular building can be? With triple A-rated energy ratings, modular classrooms can cost you as little as 65p per day to run! You can also incorporate the latest smart technology such as Alexa to create a state-of-the-art modular modern learning environment. You can be rest assured that your modular building, with its solar panels, will be a state-of-the-art building that is environmentally friendly, and a sustainable solution that will last for several generations.

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