SMART Living

A new solution to fast-track construction of luxury holiday lodges for your guests. If you have plans to develop and build or upgrade and expand your park site, then we can offer an affordable and fast construction solution.

Introducing the market-leading suite of Smart Living accommodation options.

Fast Modular Delivery

Our portfolio consists of a collection of one and two module buildings that are designed to offer luxury and spacious accommodation for your resort guests.
Attractive and stylish lodge finishes, combined with elegant and contemporary interiors.

Living spaces that will accommodate 2-12 guests and enhance their holiday experience.


Designed with energy efficiency at the heart of the accommodation, the Smart Living range includes an energy recovery system, air conditioning and modern heating systems integrated with photovoltaic panels.


The Smart Living range is constructed to the highest forms of sustainability. Consideration has been given to the whole manufacturing process and only materials that have minimal impact on the environment are used.

The roof is covered with recyclable steel sheets, which are also used on the facades, along with natural wood products and mineral wool for thermal insulation.

High quality

The modules are manufactured in a fully controlled factory environment by an experienced team of qualified staff. All processes fall under Quality Management System ISO 9001:2016.

Proven and Faster Payback

The Smart Living range is a trusted and proven luxury holiday lodge solution and is recognised by many of Europe’s leading holiday and leisure park operators.


The stylish designs, energy saving features and fast installation all guarantee that your new luxury lodge accommodation will be operational as soon as possible.

Working With Modulek

Modulek have over 50 years combined experience in working within offsite construction. Every project is managed personally by a Director with an inhouse muti-disciplinary team coordinating every aspect of your project. Modulek are an approved distributor of DMD Modular who are an award winning Polish based construction company, specialising in delivering volumetric modular solutions to international markets.

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