School Building Construction & MMC

School Building Construction & MMC

Bespoke Modular Architecture

As a new decade begins, many headteachers will be reflecting on how their school has changed in the last decade…from the introduction of advanced IT technology, to an increased emphasis on STEM subjects, one of the key changes has been the increasing student population…this has resulted in schools that are bursting at the seams, and facilities starting to become tired and weary…so as we look forward to the next ten years, have you stopped and considered what your school will look at the end of this decade? Will it be an environment that will continue to inspire generations of learners? Will it encourage creativity? Will it promote innovation?

For many independent schools, it is vital that the school is an inspiring place, that will continue to attract parents and students to your school, ensuring that the future of the school is secure. One of the main challenges for independent schools is ongoing property development. This is something that is a field that requires a lot of background knowledge, planning, and foresight. However, it is also one that can have an immediate impact on your school’s facilities, your school learning environment, capacity and finances.

Bloxham School

Are you looking to accommodate extra students? Are you wanting to create specialist classrooms for extra-curricular activities such as yoga, STEM or for the creative subjects? Many independent school headteachers are all too familiar with the scenario of building projects running behind schedule, not-to-plan, and over budget…it is this that means most building projects are just a dream, and don’t become a reality!

But have you considered modular? Modular buildings can be completed quickly, on-time, and on budget. They are bespoke and reflect the high quality that many independent schools want to portray. Modular buildings are a low-cost, factory-built solution that can be installed quickly, resulting in less disruption to your school and your students.

eco modular classroms

A modular school building is fully bespoke, and is fully functional and adapted to your requirements, resulting in a building that helps your school achieve its goals!  Modular school buildings can be fully clad in the school colours, creating a building that reflects the high quality of your school brand!

Modular buildings are energy efficient…costing you as little as 65p per day to run! Integrating the latest technologies such as state-of-the-art solar panels, and smart technology such as Alexa and Google Voice technology, your new modular school building will be a state-of-the-art building that will last for many generations, whilst preserving today’s environment!

Ringwood Academy

From being used as a reflection centre, to a yoga studio to storage space, the possibilities for a how a modular school building may be used are endless…however you choose to use yours, you can be assured that at the start of the next decade that the headteacher of the school will be reflecting on how far your school has come since your modular school building was installed!

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Beech Hall School Classroom
Brewood School
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