New training facilities that aligns with your club’s dream

New training facilities that aligns with your club’s dream

Modular Construction

When budgets are stretched, time is not on your side, and you are preparing for next season, the very hope of a new building seems unachievable…is there actually a solution out there that is fast, affordable and bespoke?

Modular construction is revolutionising the way modular sport buildings are built. Gone are the days of uniform portable buildings that were grey, problematic and uninspiring.  Today’s modular buildings are bespoke, affordable and are of the highest quality. The main priority for any team manager is to minimise disruption to their team…by utilising the fastest construction method on the market today, modular construction will provide you with the tailor-made solution that you require!

Modular sport facilities are something that every team member will be proud of. They are light and airy, creating a warm and welcoming environment. The external finishes of your new modular sport facility can be customised, to blend in with any setting…from the beautiful rural countryside, to an inner-city sport centre or an open sports field.

AFC Bournemouth
AFC Bournemouth
AFC Bournemouth training area

As modular sports training facilities are designed to be flexible, they can be customised to give clubs exactly what they are looking for, whatever the need. Modular sport facilities can be used for all of the following…the sky is the limit as they say!

  • Club Houses
  • Cricket Pavilion
  • Bowling Pavilion, along with club room
  • Changing rooms and toilet blocks
  • Gym/Fitness Studios
  • Yoga Studio
  • Bar/Café
  • Poolside House
  • Visitor centre, kiosk or café
  • Office & administrative use

You may still be wondering how modular can benefit your club…how can something come along and take-over from traditional construction…something that has been around for years? Modular sports facilities are fast to build, simply because they are built offsite! By building offsite, your new modular sports facility will be complete in weeks, minimising disruption to your team! Your new modular sport pavilion will be up and running in a fraction of the time it would take a traditional project to be completed, typically saving you months, and giving you the opportunity to generate a return on investment much sooner!

Modular buildings are not just a temporary solution…today’s modern modular buildings are a truly permanent solution that can be used all year round, and are built to withstand daily wear and tear! Modular buildings are fully bespoke and customisable, and are designed with your community in mind…choose from a wide range of amenities, external cladding and colour schemes, and internal layouts to create your dream building!

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