Sport facilities & Modular Construction

Sport facilities & Modular Construction

Have you just been promoted? Do you feel as if your facilities aren’t good enough, to take your team to the next level? Do your facilities need upgrading? So many clubs that have just been promoted are finding that this case…however, when budgets are stretched and time-frame’s are tight, it can be difficult to decide what do when it comes to creating a new training pavilion that aligns with your club’s dreams and aspirations.

Modular construction methods are transforming the way that clubs get their new training pavilion. Unlike the cold, bleak, dismal rotting timber mobiles that many of us spent our school days in, modular buildings are now something that can be bespoke, affordable, and high quality…and the greatest advantage? Modular construction methods utilise the latest offsite construction technologies, therefore minimising disruption to your high-performing team.

Modular Fitness Studios

Modular training pavilions are smart. They can be bespoke. They are a timeless piece of art…something that will last for future generations. Modular training pavilions are designed with your club in mind, and are built to reflect your club brand, something that many clubs believe is impossible when using modular. You will experience an unrivalled level of service, where bespoke design is at the forefront of the project, allowing your club to have a truly-state-of-the-art building, proving how much modular construction has developed and changed within the last few decades!

Many clubs have very unique and specialist requirements, but not a lot of space available to accommodate these. With a modular training pavilion, your building can be designed to optimise space usage. You might need hydrotherapy pools, ice baths and gym equipment…or a team restaurant with a balcony that overlooks the pitch. Whatever your need, your new modular training pavilion will cater fully for team requirements, with the knowledge that your building is flexible, and can be changed if the need arose in the future.

A high-performing team, with the peak season fast approaching cannot afford to be disturbed. With modular construction, you will experience significant time savings. A typical modular construction project takes ½ of the time from start to completion, when compared to its traditional counterparts. The build and fit-out of the new modular training pavilion happens off-site in a factory, whilst ground preparations and site landscaping take place on-site at the same time, reducing the overall on-site time required for final finishing.

It is important that when a tight-frame and a tight-budget is involved, risk is reduced. Modular construction completely minimises these risks. All modular buildings are built inside, in a quality-controlled environment where the weather has no impact and all projects run to programme, minimising delays. By transferring work-offsite into a factory, it is far safer for both the club and for the construction workers, again minimising the overall risk element of your building project.

With modular construction, you can choose what you want, so that your building will be designed for you…choose modular construction for your next project!

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