Office, gyms, retail, cafe facilities and how modular construction works

As we continue to transition through the new post Covid world, many employers are now welcoming back employees to the workplace – but does the work environment landscape look the same and what are the changes that business owners are making?

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Is your work environment set up to encourage staff back to work? 

We have all become accustomed to work hours flexibility, taking breaks away from our screens, fresh air at lunchtime and taking regular exercise.

2 years on, the landscape has changed, and employers are now having to consider their working environments if they want to encourage employees back into the workplace.

There is a far greater emphasis on employee mental health and wellbeing, socially distanced workspaces, meeting break out areas, along with areas that staff can relax and receive wellbeing support if needed?

Do you lack places where people can go and take a few moments away from the busy hubbub of work life or want to improve the facilities that you offer your employees?

Have you considered a café, or a wellness building, or a gym area with changing facilities, or even a block of retail units where your workers can take a breather and you can maximise your site potential?

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If you are thinking this is a stressful and expensive exercise, then modular construction may hold the answers for you.

When you consider modular you will realise that the problems that traditional construction methods bring will be eliminated. Offsite construction provides a sustainable alternative, and a less risky alternative to traditional construction.

There are 2 main advantages that make modular a better construction method for existing work environments.

  1. Bespoke design which works for your site
  2. Minimal disruption to your site through the build process.


The design of an additional building or space is totally bespoke to you and your site.

The leading modular construction companies offer a design service which means that architects are not required and they look after the planning process for you if required. They can act as Principal Designers and Principal Contractors. Making it a one stop shop and simplifying the process.

Thanks to its unique construction, modular design can infill spaces between buildings to create new areas, something that traditional building techniques would struggle with.

Single or double storey extensions to existing structures are also an option, with connecting doors and stairs, perfect to create additional space from your existing structure.

New stand-alone buildings can be designed to blend in with your site or can be finished in a any style to match your corporate branding and enhance your visibility.

Up to 70% of the build is completed offsite meaning less time on site which minimises disruption.


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This helps to keep pricing more affordable, as well as minimising the number of construction professionals needed on site.

Modular construction is fast in comparison to traditional build techniques. Instead of having to wait for each part of the project to happen, groundworks and building manufacture occur simultaneously, creating a seamless transition from old to new and reduces the amount of time you are kept waiting and ensures that your building is ready for occupancy far sooner.

With modular construction, quality is of the highest standards, the buildings are extremely cost-effective and can open quickly, producing revenue, meaning that the overall cost of the project is minimal when compared to that of a traditionally built building.


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Have you got a particular space in mind

that you think your company would benefit from?

From extra office space to cafes, and from gyms and changing facilities to retail outlets, modular is the most advantageous way forward to providing your employees with the best facilities to create a safe and profitable working environment.

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