At Modulek, we are proud to introduce the very latest in permanent modular building innovation – The Modulek System. With its fully customisable design, versatile layouts and cutting-edge energy-saving features, the Modulek System is a marvel of engineering. See for yourself why our products are trusted by clients that include AFCB, J.P. Morgan, RSPB, Wessex Water and the Dorset NHS Trust.

Are you looking to create a school building that motivates students to learn? Say goodbye to those dismal portable classrooms from yesteryear, and replace them with a building that utilises the latest construction techniques to create a modular building that inspires! Our modular school buildings provide a comfortable learning environment for teachers and students alike. With various funding options available, excellent energy saving features and bespoke design options, these classrooms are something that are a sustainable cost-effective solution for your school.

When you hear about the amazing new sports facilities that Modulek provide, you will be so motivated that you will be winning every sporting event that you and your sporting team participate in. Goodbye old sporting hut…welcome Modulek sporting pavilion. Our sporting pavilions provide an awesome environment for teams, spectators and managers. Best of all, with so many options available, your building can be designed to meet your requirements whilst being cost effective at the same time.

portable classroom

From jackleg to anti-vandal buildings and storage units, our expertise extends to portable buildings too. Perfect for all manner of temporary environments, these buildings provide a quick and affordable solution for clients in need of a building that can be easily relocated. The design and layout are completely customisable, and all portable buildings are fully compliant with current building regulations where applicable.

Equipped for hostile environments, Armulek buildings sport the latest in anti-ballistic and anti-blast armour technology as well as fully customisable layouts. These also include internal systems to protect those inside including anti-biological and chemical threat filtration. Designed to be super lightweight, Armulek buildings are ideally suited for global shipping and airlifting. Plus, they are internationally recognised and fully UK certified.