Retail Café Stores & Modular Construction

Retail Café Stores & Modular Construction

Are you looking to brighten up your industrial park?

Do you lack places where people can go and take a few moments away from the busy hubbub of office life?

Have you considered a café or a block of retail units where your workers can take a breather?

Mmm…sounds quite an expensive option, doesn’t it? As for stressful, well that’s a different subject all together! The pressures of constructing a new building seem daunting…but wait…have you considered using modular construction?

When you choose modular you will realise that the problems that traditional construction methods bring will be eliminated. Offsite construction provides a sustainable alternative, and a less risky alternative to traditional construction. Requiring less machinery, energy and labour means that building prices are kept more affordable, as well as minimising disruption to the surrounding area. Weather and the firm hand of mother nature is also something that can be a problem when building a new building using traditional bricks and mortar method. Modular buildings are built in an offsite factory where quality is of utmost importance and risk is minimised.

With modular construction, quality is managed, the project is organised and the building is kept safe indoors until it is ready to reach site. What’s more, as individual modules are built with enough strength, to stand alone and then to cope with the journey to site, modular buildings can be even stronger than buildings that have been built using traditional methods of construction.

Need a building, but feel constrained by time? Instead of having to wait for each part of the project to happen, groundworks and building manufacture occur simultaneously, creating a seamless transition from old to new and reduces the amount of time you are kept waiting!

Concerned about budget? Modular buildings are extremely cost-effective and can open quickly, producing revenue, meaning that the overall cost of the project is minimal when compared to that of a traditionally built building.

You can have a building that is bespoke to you and is truly permanent. Have you got a particular design in mind? Not a problem. Modular construction methods have greater flexibility than traditional construction methods, meaning that you can have a building that defies the belief that modular buildings are temporary, a short-term solution and not built to last, because modular buildings are built to last.

Got questions?

Read our practical guide to modular construction here

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