School CIF Bid & Modular Construction

School CIF Bid & Modular Construction

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is a government initiative, that is aimed at helping schools and academies improve their buildings and premises, resulting in schools that inspire students and teachers alike!

So you may be wondering who can apply for a CIF Bid? Sixth-form colleges and academies can apply for CIF, along with single academies, small Multi-Academy Trusts, and all through schools with sixth-form facilities. An easy online application process means that the process is something that you can quickly do, saving time! Schools can apply for more than one CIF grant, but applications must be submitted separately and will be reviewed independently. The outcome of one project will not affect another, and priority is given to certain applications over others.

All projects submitted are reviewed with the same high level of scrutiny, however some are more likely to be funded based on need or urgency. For example, a school in an area where demand is high, and facilities are poor, will be given priority over an academy where demand is low, and facilities are in a reasonable condition.  Projects which involve the removal of harmful materials such as asbestos will also be treated with a higher level of concern. Eligible projects will be scored in three areas, project need, project planning and value for money. Those with the highest overall scores will be funded first.

A CIF Bid can help your school by:-

  • Enhancing a building’s energy efficiency
  • Improving security and providing safe premises for pupils and teachers
  • Improving facilities to create positive learning environments for both students and teachers
  • Creating bigger school premises to take in increasingly larger intakes of pupils from the surrounding area and allowing them to learn in a fun and modern environment
  • Modernise heating and electrical systems
  • Creating eco-friendly and environmentally friendly premises, which can help to reduce financial expenditure whilst caring for the environment at the same time

In a highly competitive bidding environment, it is vital that you have the edge over your competitors, whilst choosing an option that is affordable and sustainable.

Have you considered a modular school building? Modular school buildings can save both time and money, by reducing construction time, saving disturbance to you, your school students and your neighbours, whilst providing you with a permanent, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to your space needs.

Modular school buildings are fittest with the latest technologies, offering a green and sustainable solution to all schools. Modular buildings are constructed offsite in a factory, where quality is of utmost importance, and sustainability is a first priority. Did you know that by choosing modular you can save up to 30 to 50 percent off traditional build times? You can also benefit from greater flexibility in reconfiguring, relocating, and removing modular buildings as time passes and your needs change!

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose a Modulek school building…

  • Modulek’s MF7 formula to success- our unique experience providing you with follow up, fixed price, full design service, free professional site survey, flexible design, fast action and a family experience!
  • Heat/Cool Air-Conditioning- Electric heat pumps that are triple A rated to provide greater energy efficiency, comfortable airflow distribution as well as looking modern and sleek.
  • Double glazed windows- reduced heat loss which saves you money on heating bills.
  • Insulation – high performance insulation to walls, floor and roof- lowering costs on heating bills.
  • Costing you as little as 95p per day to run your classroom- cost efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Recessed LED lighting- energy efficient lights that are brighter with less maintenance.
  • A rated energy performance certified.
  • External timber cladding from a sustainable source- Heat treated Thermowood which gives your building a 60 year maintenance free design life.
  • Photovoltaic panels- these are the ultimate panel for energy efficiency, harvesting daylight to save you money.
  • Air Source heat pump – provides water heating- this is next generation energy saving technology.
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