SEN School Building

Here at Modulek, we’ve taken the design and construction of modular buildings to a whole new level. We’re committed to developing modular structures for the future that can be utilised to the fullest extent by all individuals, regardless of their circumstances. To that end, we can design for you an SEN school building to be implemented into your existing site.

An SEN school building is one designed for children with ‘Special Educational Needs’ and is specially adapted for individuals with disabilities. Such buildings come with the latest steel frame technologies you’d expect from standard classrooms built by Modulek. But inside, every detail has been customised to assist those who are less abled. And of course, being a modular building, there are many great benefits to be had, including:

  • Faster Build Time
  • Greater Customisability Compared to Traditional Buildings
  • No Delays in Construction Due to Weather or Vandalism
  • Market-Leading Quality Standards
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost-Effective to Run
  • Eligible for CIF Funding
Nowadays, schools are required to do more to accommodate students with special educational needs. Of course, the challenge is balancing the fulfilment of these requirements with an already limited budget. At Modulek, we design modular classrooms to meet the criteria for CIF funding. So, schools can enjoy the best of both worlds while providing all students with a top-notch educational experience.

To find out more, keep reading or give Modulek a call on 01202 813 121.

Modular School Building

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    The Best SEN School Building Available to You

    Our modular school buildings sport a wide array of clever, energy-saving technologies that combine to create a comfortable environment which is affordable to run. Double glazed windows are fitted as standard, keeping the classroom warm and your energy bills down. We install premium-quality insulation inside the floors, roofs, and walls, and triple-A rated air conditioning systems help to maintain the perfect room temperature, all year round.

    As mentioned above, every SEN school building is built with a steel-framed structure and boasts an estimated design life of up to 60 years. Recessed LED lighting provides an energy-efficient lighting solution for a brighter classroom.

    And the addition of photovoltaic panels provides a degree of self-sufficiency, allowing for natural daylight to be harvested to supplement the classroom’s power requirements. Many of these great features can be found in modular classrooms we’ve already built throughout the UK. One such example is Linwood School.

    Linwood School

    Linwood School approached us and requested that we construct a SEN school building for their site. In August 2017, we completed and installed the new classroom, which measured 864m² and cost just £1.4 million.

    For that, they receive a range of turnkey service elements, including design, manufacture, installation, and groundworks. We also fitted-out the new classroom, installed cladding, created a playground, and fitted ramps, paths, and fencing too.

    The finished building stood at two-storeys, sported six classrooms, and even came equipped with toilets, laundry rooms, hygienic care areas, an elevator, and IT rooms. Modulek took care of everything, and by the end, the school had a fully operational school building that was good to go.

    If you too feel that your school could benefit from the addition of one or more modular buildings, do not hesitate to reach out to the team here at Modulek.

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    Why Choose Modulek to Create Modular Classrooms?

    Here at Modulek, we’re committed to providing our clients with the finest modular solutions. We seek to dispel the misconceptions that many have concerning modular design and to continually push the boundaries of what is achievable. Today, we’re proud to say that we have the capacity to design and build the most outstanding SEN school building available.

    And that’s not all, as we also provide a complete turnkey package that includes construction methods which are URS compliant with the ISO 9001/2008 and UKAS certified. Family managed from start-to-finish; we leave no stone unturned. From your initial inquiry through to delivery, we take care of every little detail when creating modular school buildings.

    We offer a full design service including 3D visuals, free professional site survey, flexible design package, fixed price, and a complete aftercare service. We conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity, and a level of optimism that’s unmatched. We aim for excellence and to exceed expectations. Our work is our commitment, and with accreditations from CHAS and Exor backing us, you can be confident that we’re the right choice for your school.

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    If you’d like to add an SEN school building to your site and would like to find out more about the process, call Modulek today on 01202 813 121.