Showtime at Modulek!

Showtime at Modulek!

It is a busy time of year for many in the education industry…exams are about to start, plans for the new academic year are being drawn up, parents are finding out whether their children got into the school they chose and the government has just announced the results of the Condition Improvement Fund bidding…but the biggest concern facing many leaders in Education is have they got the money to achieve their aspirations and how are they going to solve the problem of cramped conditions with an ever-increasing school-age population? Anyway not to dwell on the negative…next week is showtime for leaders in the Education industry as it is the academies show…

So what can you expect to see at the Academies show from Modulek?

Ringwood VR 360

Come to Stand 624 to view a unique VR experience, the first of its kind in the UK.

Experience first-hand a tour of the two storey building and actually move inside the six modern classrooms, the staff rooms and view state of the art features such as interactive white boards and projectors, noise reducing floors, contemporary wall art and even ride in the elevator which provides total accessibility for all pupils.


This cutting-edge VR360 will demonstrate the obvious benefits of modular building in the current fast paced world, which makes it the future of the construction industry. A ground-breaking project showcasing an innovative building brought to you by a pioneering team.

Visit our Modulek  stand No 624 to have an experience of a lifetime

Meet the Modulek EcoClassroom

In an age of where care for the environment is of utmost priority, people are determined to find a solution? But how when building your new school facilities? Let me introduce you to modular construction…a method of construction that has so many benefits for you, your pupils, the environment and the world tomorrow…As Elon Musk once said I’m interested in things that change the world or that affect the future and wondrous, new technology where you see it, and you’re like, ‘Wow, how did that even happen? How is that possible?’  This is so true when you consider the benefits of modular construction…


Have you ever stopped to think about the many benefits of modular construction and why it is a suitable and sustainable alternative to traditional methods?


1. Eco-friendly building materials

Throughout all processes, modular industry has adopted an environmental approach. This means that eco-friendly building materials such as heat treated ThermowoodTM can be used, lowering the environmental impact of prefabricated builds and reducing the overall waste consumption.

Modular buildings are built in a highly controlled environment, instead of on-site at a project location, hence the newly coined term ‘Offsite Construction’. Obsolete materials that would normally be sent to the rubbish dump, are now being recycled in other projects and for different purposes. Not only that, but the materials themselves are eco-friendly, right from day one of your project.

2. Reduced energy consumption

By going modular, energy consumption is reduced. Because the modules are build in a controlled environment, the energy poured into the assembly process is only marginal compared to what would happen when using traditional build. To add to this, the use of double glazed windows, heat/cool air conditioning and insulation, provide the building with greater energy efficiency, reducing heat loss and saving money on your heating bills.  Recessed LED lighting means that you have brighter lights for those dark days and you have lights that are reliable and require low maintenance.

Modular buildings can be installed utilising the latest generation eco-friendly photovoltaic technologies and solar water heating systems to harvest energy from the sun, minimising energy consumption and reducing the overall impact on the environment.

Photovoltaic cell systems (PV) harness solar energy to generate electricity in order to run appliances and lighting. Solar water heating systems utilise heat from the sun to supplement conventional water heating installations, which typically rely upon considerable power consumption. Combining these renewable technologies into our leading modular and portable building designs, carbon footprints can be greatly offset.

3. Speed

Modular buildings are available in just weeks, helping schools who have a tight budget as well as reducing the impact on the local environment.

‘Speed is of the essence’ is displayed in a new light, when you have your modular eco-classroom installed. Your classroom is ready within weeks, allowing your students to learn in a vibrant, fresh environment that has been built with the environment in mind.

4. Less noise pollution

Because the eco building is completed in a factory, the construction site will require considerably fewer personnel than a traditional site would. Noise pollution is reduced dramatically because there is no need for building material deliveries, large numbers of staff or noisy on-site machinery. Besides benefiting the environment this means your students can carry on learning without being heavily distracted, and you receive less complaints and your building can be installed harmoniously and peacefully within the surrounding community.

5. CIF Funding

If you want to be successful with your CIF Funding, then, Eco modular construction is the ideal solution. In the last round of bidding eco-friendly propositions were more successful.

6. Running Costs

And to finish, did you know that an eco-modular building can cost you as little as 95p per day in running costs for a single classroom and last for 60 years, if not longer? Definitely worth the investment!!

10 reasons to choose a Modulek eco-modular building

  1. Modulek’s MF7 formula to success- our unique experience providing you with follow up, fixed price, full design service, free professional site survey, flexible design, fast action and a family experience!
  2. Heat/Cool Air-Conditioning- Electric heat pumps that are triple A rated to provide greater energy efficiency, comfortable airflow distribution as well as looking modern and sleek.
  3. Double glazed windows- reduced heat loss which saves you money on heating bills.
  4. Insulation – high performance insulation to walls, floor and roof- lowering costs on heating bills.
  5. Costing you as little as 95p per day to run your classroom- cost efficient and environmentally friendly.
  6. Recessed LED lighting- energy efficient lights that are brighter with less maintenance.
  7. A rated energy performance certified.
  8. External timber cladding from a sustainable source- Heat treated Thermowood which gives your building a 60 year maintenance free design life.
  9. Photovoltaic panels- these are the ultimate panel for energy efficiency, harvesting daylight to save you money.
  10. Air Source heat pump – provides water heating- this is next generation energy saving technology.
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