Smart Modular School Buildings – A real game changer

Smart Modular School Buildings – A real game changer

With winter fast approaching, daylight hours getting shorter and leaves starting to fall, many schools are already thinking about next year, and are wondering how they will accommodate the growing population, how they will accommodate major advances in technology, and how they will do this on a budget…

It is hard to imagine a solution to these problems, when you are already rushed off your feet with all the other challenges that senior members of school management have to face, but wait…let me tell you all about a solution to your problems!

A solution, I hear you say. You are probably expecting something completely different to what I am about to tell you…why not use modular construction?

When you have a strict budget, it can be difficult to choose a building that meets all your requirements. By opting to use modular, you will utilise the best of space, whilst having the chance to create a building that will inspire generations of students. You will have a chance to create a building that is tailor-made to suit you. You will have a chance to create a building that utilises the latest technology and state-of-the-art bespoke finishes. This will be your chance to create an inspiring, state-of-the-art building, within budget and within a tight time-frame.

With modular construction, speed is of paramount importance, making it possible for building work to take place in holiday time, minimising the risk of children being injured.  Your building will be ready for you to occupy, by the time the children come back, creating an environment that is warm, friendly and exciting, making school a fun place to come to!

Modular buildings are constructed offsite  in a factory controlled environment, hence the term ‘offsite construction’. This allows all buildings to be built to the highest standard, giving you a modular building that has been subject to scrutiny to make sure that no stone is unturned, reducing risk and reducing delays. Whilst the building is being built off-site in a factory, groundworks and site preparation can occur on site, reducing the overall project time!

Are you looking to create a ‘smart’ building? You can implement the latest technology to create a building that is linked to your internet devices. You can integrate online technology and automation to create a building that is futuristic and modern! You may even be able to say “Alexa, tell me what to teach these kids today!”. Amazon is investing hundreds of thousands of pounds into implementing Alexa technology into modular buildings, meaning that modular construction is leading the way in creating buildings that are smart, intelligent and compatible with all your requirements.

One thing that often concerns schools is what is the overall finish of the building going to look like? There are so many exterior finish options to choose from…you can choose to use a natural Thermwood™ cedar cladding, or you can choose to use a brick-skin cladding to blend in with traditional buildings. Or, you can make your building completely unique to you, and choose to use a cladding that matches your school colours…there are so many options to create your bespoke and unique modular school building!

Do you want to see inside a modular building?

Then click here or at the image below to go on your very own virtual reality tour of a modular building!

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