Special Education Needs School Buildings

Special Education Needs School Buildings

Special Education Needs School Buildings

Every student is important…and if you work in a SEN school, you will be aware of the unique challenges that teaching SEN pupils can present. Every child requires a unique approach, and needs to be catered for, and the same approach should apply when considering the teaching and learning environment.

You may be wondering how you should be providing that optimal learning experience that every student requires, along with a bespoke tailored approach…this is where Modular excels, providing you with the opportunity to create a bespoke tailored solution that caters exactly to every students’ requirements!

Special Education Needs School Buildings
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Modular buildings can help you address specific student needs.  It may be that your classrooms require additional equipment and apparatus, to help student with their cognitive skills, and to help0 them develop their critical thinking skills.  It may be that you need your classroom to be structured in a very bespoke and unique format, helping students that have behavioural needs. Your students may need areas that help them with communication skills…this could include ‘calming zones’ and ‘therapy rooms’ where there are low levels of distraction, and where students can find a sense of calm amongst the confusion of day to day life.  By using modular for your new SEN Classroom building you will be able to tailor and configure the building that you and your students need, whilst keeping disruption to a minimum, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Every student deserves equal learning opportunities, and it is therefore vital that students are provided with a learning environment that can be explored without hindrance. Modular construction can provide SEN Pupils with a greater sense of independence…but how? Well, modular SEN classrooms utilise the very latest design and construction methods, meaning that your SEN learners can be assisted with specialist equipment and furniture, with the possibility for extra space, along with colour-coded areas, and classroom sign-posting. Some popular additions include hand-rails, sensory break-out areas, padded rooms, and low-level door and cupboard handles. Modular SEN Classrooms give you the opportunity to craft a bespoke space, that has SEN teaching at it’s core.

When creating your modular SEN classroom, you will have the opportunity to create a building that is optimised for the safety and accessibility of SEN learning.  Your modular SEN classroom building can be created so that teaching staff can see students all the time, as well as choosing features to guarantee a safe and bespoke learning experience.   Your building needs to be designed so that you do away with any unnecessary obstacles, along with the careful placement and frequency of hygiene facilities. All modular buildings are DDA Compliant, and can incorporate features such as ramps, bi-folding doors and lifts, creating a modular building that is fully accessible to all students.

Whilst we talk about the students’ academic journey, it is also important to consider how their environment can impact their emotional and physical wellbeing. A modular SEN classroom can be designed so that good behaviour habits are formed, improving school performance, keeping stress levels low, and students are happy! Modular SEN classrooms can be designed so that a sensory environment is created, and so that the learning environment is bright and cheerful, resulting in happy students that want to learn!

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Modular SEN Classroom buildings are one of the most sustainable options out there on the market! Have you considered applying for funding for your project? Due to their eco-friendliness, modular SEN classroom buildings are often given grants and funding from a variety of sources, giving you greater opportunity to improve your facilities, and your overall learning experience for students.

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