Sports Clubs Facilities and Modular Construction

Sports Clubs Facilities and Modular Construction

Has your club been promoted?

Do you need to upgrade your training facilities?

So many newly promoted clubs are finding that their current training facilities are in need of upgrading, so that their team reaches the next level…however, when on a tight budget and a tight time-frame, it can be hard to decide what is your best option when it comes to creating a training building that matches your club’s aspirations.

Have you considered using modular construction? Modular construction…? I expect that you are sat, recollecting your school days when you were sat in a cold, bleak and dismal rotting timber mobile. Times have changed, and modular construction is helping clubs get a building that is bespoke, affordable and high quality, all created with minimal disruption to the team!

Buildings for the Sports and Leisure Sector

Modular training pavilions and club facilities can be created so that they are smart. They can be created so that they are bespoke. They can be created so that they will last for future generations. They can be built to reflect the brand of the club, something that many clubs don’t believe can be achieved when using modular. By choosing modular, you will experience an unrivalled level of service, where bespoke solutions can be designed, allowing your club to have a truly state-of-the-art building, proving how much modular construction has developed and changed within the last sixty years!

Clubs often have very unique and specialist requirements, but not a lot of space to accommodate these. With modular construction, your building can be designed to optimise space usage. Within one building you can incorporate several different facilities. For example, your club might require bespoke equipment such as hydrotherapy pools, ice baths and gym equipment, as well as creating a restaurant for the team with a balcony that overlooks the pitch. By choosing modular, your club will be able to have a building that caters fully for team requirements, with the knowledge that you have chosen a flexible building that can be changed and relocated if the need arose in the future. Did you also know that modular buildings are very much like Lego? They can be extended, parts added, the list is endless! However, when inside a modular building, you don’t even realise that you are inside a modular building, in fact this might be the moment you realise how modular construction methods are taking hold of the construction industry!

Speed is of the essence when you are building your new training building. With modular construction, you will experience significant time savings. With project start to completion times cut by up to 50% when compared to traditional construction methods, disruption to your team is minimised- a particular benefit to a busy club when the peak season is fast approaching! Because the build and fit-out is completed in the factory, on-site time required for final finishing is reduced.

When a tight-frame and a tight-budget is involved, your club does not want anything that comes with a huge amount of a risk.  Modular construction completely reduces the element of risk in so many ways. All modular buildings are built indoors, in a quality-controlled environment, where weather has no impact and the programme of works is as expected. Not only that, but by transferring work-offsite into a factory, it is far safer for both the club and for the construction workers, again minimising the overall risk element of your building project.

With modular construction, you can choose what you want, so that your building will be designed for you…choose modular construction for your next project!

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