Construction Project Managers

Combining our unique hybrid construction method, extensive experience in off-site construction and our ability to deliver within budget and on time, we are expertly placed to work with you and support your project delivery.

Construction Project Managers

How we can work with you

The rising demand of construction workers, combined with the shortage of building materials have contributed a significant increase to construction delivery times. Traditional build methods are heavily dependent on fracturing supply chains, that typically operate on a ‘just in time’ delivery basis to sites and are causing lengthy delays to project start and completion. The balance between supply availability and client expectations is reaching tipping point.
Our off-site manufacturing facility holds significant stockpiles of standardised materials, enabling us to maintain construction programmes with a high level of certainty, this in contrast to a traditional construction site which would be supplied on an individual one-off basis with varying material types.
In addition to this our construction programme operates in a significantly more compressed fashion to traditional build, where the building is being constructed 70% off-site, while the groundworks on-site are progressing, meaning that overall, we deliver in weeks what a traditional construction method would be in months.


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