Off-site Manufacturing

Off-site manufacturing is the way forward for the UK construction industry.

Not only for the improvements in production efficiency, higher quality standards, but also the significance it brings to reducing carbon emission which is vital to the UK reaching its target by 2035.

The Manufacturing Process

Our modular construction takes places off-site in a UK factory.

This means that the manufacturing process is not interrupted by weather conditions, or lack of trades being available to start work on site.

Whilst your building is under construction at the factory, groundwork commences at the same time. Completion of the modular building is programmed to run in parallel with the groundwork so that it can be delivered to site as soon as the groundwork is complete.

As up to 70% of your modular building is finished in the factory, 70% of the build is complete as soon as it is delivered to site.

The remaining elements of the build are programmed to commence as soon as delivery has taken place and are on site and finished in a very small timeframe.

Improved Quality and Efficiency

Off-site manufacturing allows us to closely monitor the construction process which is accredited and audited by UKAS and ISO9001 so you can be assured of the highest possible standards of quality control.

The off-site production process in factory conditions gives a much higher certainty for programming and scheduling which is a key component to us delivering and constructing your building to a set deadline – typically in weeks, to what a traditional build would be in months.

Better For the Environment

The use of recycled materials and efficiencies in production from off-site manufacturing is one of the highest in the construction industry and is a major contributor to reducing the carbon emissions in the industry by 40% which is the Government’s target by 2035.

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