Sustainability – a key design element in every Modulek building. Being sustainable is not just empty sales talk. Here at Modulek it is in our DNA.

St Edmunds School

Award-Winning On Sustainability

Using the latest tried and test Modern Methods of Construction means we use more recycled material and also reduce waste, thus minimising the environmental impact. Our buildings are also packed with sustainable, eco-friendly technologies.

They save energy too. Modulek buildings offer superb energy efficiency.

Our buildings boast the very latest smart energy management technologies to help save money and remain eco-friendly. It’s this determination to be environmentally sensitive that’s helped us win awards for innovative design and sustainability.

They also consistently exceed fire safety, BREEAM and Building Regulation standards.

Bloxham School

Minimal Disruption, Travel and Transportation

Modular builds mean significantly shorter construction times. This in turn reduces the number of site deliveries and the number of trades people required. By as much as 70%, which is meaningful environmentally.

Energy-Saving Solutions

Our buildings feature innovative energy-saving solutions including:

  • Double glazing with energy B’ rated windows
  • Non-concussive taps
  • Premium insulation for walls, floors & ceilings
  • Smart lighting
  • Thermostatic controls
Globeside cafe

Sustainable Technology Integration

With our modular buildings, we’re able to install more energy-efficient systems, including sedum living roofs, geothermal systems and solar panels, helping to reduce the carbon footprint

Hamble Point Marina

Adaptable & Flexible To Changing Needs

Our modular buildings last 60 years. But they are also easy to adapt, refresh and redecorate. The materials used allow for wall mounted furniture and movement of interior walls. This future proof the building to your changing demands.

Modulek’s Product Range

We create exceptional modular buildings for  learning, sporting activities, working, retail and more. We specialise in engineering multi-purpose designs that are suitable for a range of applications. So, whatever sector you’re in, we can meet your requirements