Use Of Local Contractors

Your building impacts all those around you, including local artisans. We ensure that we do all we can to work with locally sourced trusted trades people. It means that we support local economies, create or sustain jobs by investing in the area. Local communities thrive and that benefits everyone.

Support For Local Communities & Economy

  • Happy, well-paid contractor’s employees are more likely to buy locally
  • Respected and successful businesses are in a position to contribute to communities through fundraising, volunteering, benefits, and sponsored activities

Better References

  • Using local contractors means that you can easily discern the reputation of the contractor


  • Make use of the Contractors network of contacts including suppliers and vendors
  • These strong relationships will ensure that the building project runs smoothly

Quality Control

  • Proximity to the project through regular site visits, ensures quality is controlled, and that the project remains on plan


  • Knowing the contractors from previous builds ensures they are trusted and aligned to our cultural values

Understand Local Regulations

  • Working with a local contractor ensures that they have a deep knowledge of local planning requirements and policies. Having this local insight will ensure that the construction process is unhindered

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Minimal Travel and Transportation. Modular builds mean significantly shorter construction times. This in turn reduces the number of site deliveries and the number of trades people required. By as much as 70%, which is meaningful environmentally

Flexibility And Proactivity

  • Local suppliers are often more attentive and proactive than distant suppliers

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