Modular is proven to be one of the greenest construction methods available today.

Sustainable design, the latest energy saving technology, and efficiencies in the off-site manufacturing process all work together to create a building that is not only sustainable in construction, but also to occupy, and is considerate to its environment.

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The Construction Method of The Future

Off-site construction is seen as one of the most important and biggest steps forward to help meet the Government target of reducing carbon emissions by 2035.

Construction accounts for 40% of all carbon emissions, which means that a change to how the industry operates is vital and modular construction is viewed by industry and professional experts as the way forward.

Reductions in operational energy usage in the offsite manufacturing process, reductions in transportation to and from site and the reduced amount of material wastage – are all key components in our modular construction method that play a big part in reducing carbon emissions.

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Reducing The Carbon Footprint of Your Project

Your building is delivered to site up to 70% complete. This greatly reduces transportation in and out of your site resulting in less deliveries and less impact on your local community. Our team facilitate the whole delivery and build so there are no additional trades on site which keeps disruption to a minimum and reduces the carbon footprint of your project.

Building efficiency

Efficient From the Inside Out

Every project is designed with energy efficiency at the buildings heart.
Sustainable and energy saving technologies are included within the building design and discussed from the consultation stage.
All elements of energy efficiency are considered, from the thermal efficiency of the glass and roof to the heating and ventilation systems.

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Award Winning

Our unique hybrid modular construction method has won us acknowledgement from some of the leading industry and business professional bodies.

Our winning design team have been recognised for their outstanding creative and innovative solutions for projects and our construction team have received awards for their turnkey services and attention to detail within the modular industry.

We Believe in Showing you What is Possible, Not What is Available

The difference between us and other Modular suppliers is that we have proven ability to turn your vision into reality when you need it.
Our extensive experience within the modular construction industry combined with our innovative design ability, and our team of construction professionals, allow us to create your bespoke building in a truly unique way that other suppliers are unable to match.

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