Why should my new classroom be modular?

Why should my new classroom be modular?

Preparatory School Buildings Modular

Modular classrooms are becoming increasingly common up and down the country. But why? Surely modular classrooms are temporary, a solution that can only be implemented when budgets are tight, time is short, and the pressure is high? Surely modular classrooms are those grey bleak portable buildings that we used to sit in, where the roof constantly leaked, and the temperature fluctuated regularly? Surely modular classrooms can’t be permanent?

Times have changed, and modular classrooms can now be fully bespoke to suit your requirements, and can offer a permanent solution that is fully affordable, creating the perfect addition for your school.

Beech Hall School Room
Beech Hall School Classroom

We need more space!

Most schools urgently need more space to accommodate increasing student numbers. Modular classrooms can provide you with the solution…

  • Outdoor buildings make great use of the space that is already existing within the school grounds. Outdoor space is a vital resource, that is required for exercise, learning and play! However, modular classrooms with good outdoor access can increase the utility of outdoor space, meaning that students get an enhanced learning experience!
  • Got an area that is hard to access, and appears have to little value? Modular classrooms can be built on slopes, or installed in areas where space is tight, and hard to reach!
  • Modular school buildings provide you with something that is multifunctional and can be used for just more than learning! Why not move your staff room or your lunch canteen to a modular building so that you gain extra space within your existing building?
John Bentley School Building

We need to inspire our students!

Modular classrooms are designed with learning in mind, helping students achieve their hopes and dreams!

  • Head to the great outdoors…light and airy learning environments mean that your classes can head outside, and make the most of what they are surrounded by…
  • There are subjects such as music, DT and STEM that require modern specialist equipment to bring the subject up to date…design dedicated classrooms from scratch gives you the opportunity to have these modern specialist features incorporated into your classrooms. Installing a modular learning environment will give you that unique opportunity to create a state-of-the-art learning environment that your students will love, and engage with, taking their results to the next level!
  • Fully air-conditioned modular classrooms provide your students with an environment that is suitable for learning all year round!
Beech Hall School Changing Room Modulek
Beech Hall School Bathroom Modulek
Eco Classroom by Modulek

We need to ensure that this is a good long-term investment!

Typically perceived as a temporary solution that can be delivered quickly, modular classrooms are a super-speedy solution…however, compared to buildings of yesteryear, they are now something that will be a worthwhile investment which will pay dividends for decades!

  • Built from the very best sustainable, high quality materials, modular classrooms are built to last. Your modular building built today, will be still in use, long after you retire!
  • Modular classrooms provide a cost-effective solution for schools with tight budget constraints. They are significantly cheaper than their traditional bricks and mortar counterpart! With their quick installation times, modular classrooms have a quicker return on investment! Have you considered using your building as an income generator…why not hire it out and show it off?
  • Have you considered applying for a government grant? Modular buildings are often considered to be an eco-friendly option and therefore there are often sources and finance plans available to fund the project.
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