History Of Modular Building

State of the art modular building are an unique hybrid where traditional quality merges with the speed and cost-effectiveness of modular construction

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. Training Centre

Modulek Buildings

Modulek’s buildings are state of the art permanent modular buildings, that are an unique hybrid where traditional quality merges with the speed and cost-effectiveness of modular construction. Each and every single building is fully customisable, incorporating the latest cutting-edge energy-saving features. Having built over 120 buildings, it is fair to say that we are the experts when it comes to buildings for schools, sports and leisure, and commercial facilities.

Emergence Of Modular Buildings

  • 1851 – Crystal Palace – used light and cheap materials – iron, wood, glass. Short construction period with prefabricated components being assembled on-site.
  • 1900s – Sears Roebuck Company sold prefabricated houses that were delivered to customers as mail order homes
  • WW2 – Prefab was used for mass accommodation for military personal, using all-purpose, lightweight buildings – these could be shipped anywhere.
  • Following WW2, prefab was used for developing hotels, hospitals, offices, schools and housing, with the techniques continuing to grow and develop throughout the 1970s-200s as demand exceeded the supply of existing structures.
  • Modular has continued to revolutionise the construction industry, with significant advances in developing processes and materials, resulting in more sophisticated and complex buildings.
  • Modular has seen an increase in popularity due to being recognised as a resource-efficient, sustainable and fast track construction method.
St James Bolton


School buildings are buildings that need to inspire students and teachers to learn. That’s why we are creating buildings that utilise the latest construction techniques to create high-quality, cost-effective and bespoke learning environments that are built to meet your requirements.

AFC Bournemouth Training Centre

Sport & Leisure

Modulek sporting pavilions provide sporting teams with facilities for teams, spectators and managers. With each and every building being unique, you can be sure that your building will be designed to meet your requirements. Modular buildings blend the traditional look and feel of traditional buildings with the speed and benefits of modular construction.

Kent Air Ambulance


Commercial modular buildings are the perfect solution for many businesses across the UK – from retail organisations, to charities and businesses, the combination of speed and minimal disruption, with lower cost and no compromise on quality, modular buildings are clearly the way forward for many commercial organisations.

Modulek Commercial Brochures


Our family run, Dorset based organisation provides high quality bespoke modular buildings across England, to the education, defence, leisure and health sectors.