How to Get an Over Budget, Delayed Project Back on Track Today


Do you have a building project that has been over designed, tendered and come out over budget? 

Do you have a project that has been delayed due to planning or other influences and is now behind programme?

If you are in either of these situations, we can help. Modulek are modular construction experts who specialise in value engineering overdesigned traditional build projects, bringing the project cost back to a set budget.


What is Value Engineering?

Value engineering is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as: 

The process of reducing the cost of producing a product without reducing its quality or how effective it is.” 

This methodology helps to control costs without compromising on the overall quality.

Modulek’s value engineering process is a smart solution which combines creative design, innovative ideas, and informed project recommendations. 

Our solution involves taking the project back to the drawing board and redesigning with cost and spatial efficiencies in mind but still delivering on core requirements.

Our unique hybrid construction method will unlock any stalled, traditionally specified project and deliver a simplified solution that is tried and tested as fit for purpose and still looks the part. Our guide offers more detail on the benefits of value engineering.

The ultimate solution for cost conscious project leaders looking to get stalled projects back on track quickly and efficiently. 


What is the Qualifying Criteria for Value Engineering Projects

There are four important criteria checks that need to be met before the process can proceed.

Defined budget

Clear knowledge of the project budget to ensure that value engineering efforts align with financial constraints and objectives.

Design and build

A prerequisite is that a true design and build solution is permitted, with any previous design documents and specifications null and void.

Spatial requirements

Flexibility to revisit the layout and reduce floor area may be required.

Exclusivity commitment

A commitment to project exclusivity with no intellectual property transfer or re-tendering permitted.


A crane on a construction site lifts a modular component into place.


Value Engineering Made Easy

Our modular solutions provide a rapid, economical alternative to traditional building. With off-site pre-assembly, minimal ground preparation and fast on-site installation.

The pre-construction phase is also quicker with standardised designs and practices.

Employing advanced steel space frame technology, precision manufactured to the exact incremental dimensions required, flexible to produce any layout or configuration.

Finishes are of the highest quality, produced in a factory-controlled environment, with assembly line precision processes.

All buildings are fully Building Regulation compliant, ensuring that the design incorporates the highest standard of insulation, structural strength, low carbon emission, and fire precautions.


How does this Effect the Planning Process?

In most cases, the project would need to be put back through planning. As part of our process, we endeavour to minimise changes as much as possible to reduce the impact on any planning permission obtained. 

Our Value Engineering service includes resubmission and management of the planning process on your behalf. Alternatively, we can provide all the necessary drawings and documentation to your appointed professional should they be retained.


Case Study

King’s School Sports Pavilion

The King’s School in Alderley Cheshire, had a traditional build scheme approved by planning that was 25% over budget, leaving the project shelved until the school met us at the Education Estates Conference in Manchester.

Following consultation, an appraisal of the existing traditional build design was carried out, and a modularised floor plan was developed. This retained the required functionality, while enabling the benefits of off-site construction techniques to be maximised.


A digital render of the two-storey King's School pavilion, with a wrap around balcony.


Our Value Engineering in Practice

A new, more permanent looking roof structure was introduced at a reduced lifecycle cost. The external balcony areas were reduced to what was practically required, the external finishes were changed to brick slips rather than traditional brickwork, and the new value engineered design complimented the existing site design perfectly, and was preferred by the client.


Check List

  • Is there flexibility to allow the specification and design to be altered?
  • Can we operate on a true design and build basis as the principal designer and contractor?

If the answer's yes, contact us today

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