Modular Classrooms

Modular classrooms are constructed off-site, in a controlled environment, before being transported to the school site and craned into position to complete the build. The modular method means less disruption to your school day, teaching environmental, school grounds and surrounding community as well as a faster and more predictable building process.

These classrooms and bespoke buildings can include anything that you, your staff and your students need from a state-of-the-art educational facility, allowing you the flexibility required to create an inspiring learning and working environment.

Specialist Construction of Educational Facilities

Modulek are trusted construction specialists in the educational sector. We offer a comprehensive and sustainable approach to building learning spaces that keep up with modern-day requirements.

We build:

  • Humanities Blocks
  • Science Labs
  • Arts Studio/Music Rooms
  • Sports Halls
  • Eco Classrooms

And more, to help you achieve the right facilities to take your educational establishment into the future.


Types of Modular Classrooms

The image of temporary classrooms of years gone by are obsolete. Cold, dull, square portable cabins are no more.

Our steel framed buildings are designed to last so that students in years to come will find them as comfortable and inspiring as their predecessors. Light and airy, with all the very latest in heating and ventilation technology, these classrooms buildings are built as permanent structures to your educational premises.

Humanities Blocks

For a humanities classroom block — where subjects such as languages and literature, geography and history take place — modular construction methods can create open, eco-conscious spaces, with lots of natural light and modern architectural features.

Fitted out internally to your exact specification and teaching requirements.

Science Labs

Having access to state-of-the-art science laboratories is an essential part of curriculum learning. Modular labs offer a spacious, safe environment for students, featuring sinks, extractor and ventilation systems, gas taps and experiment stations.

Sports Halls

Keeping active and participating in sport is heavily regarded as a way of students keeping fit, improving their wellbeing as well as developing specific sports skills.

Having a dedicated area that is safe to use and can accommodate changing facilities can enhance your students physical and general well being. 

The ability to maximise the space can also benefit other subjects such as dance and drama. Other uses include bringing together school communities for assemblies and whole school activities.

Arts Studios & Music Rooms

Dedicated arts facilities enhance the creative options available for students. Modular classrooms offer a variety of aesthetic options so your studio can look the part. Other features are available, such as soundproofing that benefits music rooms, and large windows so that painters and illustrators can view their masterpieces under natural lights.

Benefits of Modular Construction for Classrooms

Enhanced Speed and Efficiency

Modular construction results in a faster completion time, without sacrificing quality, thanks to efficient, off-site building methods based on time-proven principles. 

As 70% of Modular school facilities are built off-site in factory-controlled environments, we can remove the perpetual obstacle of tricky weather conditions from the equation. So, with fewer risk factors within the largest chunk of the construction process, your modular teaching and learning classroom or building can be completed for one fixed price, with no unexpected delays or surprise costs.

One of the top reasons being that, with the Modulek team on your side, the planning, design, construction and final sign-off come together in an organised and efficient process that can span just 16 weeks (subject to size).

Better for the Environment

At Modulek, we combine the environmentally friendly attributes of the Modular construction process, with energy saving design solutions to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your classroom block.

Here’s how it’s achieved:

  • We use advanced precision engineering techniques in the off-site production process, which result in much less waste in materials.
  • Delivering the modular sections to your site whole reduces the amount of deliveries and trade companies needed on-site. This reduces the amount of trucks on the local roads and helps to cut CO2 emissions.
  • Our Modular buildings are designed with energy efficiency in mind from the outset, and we always make sure to include energy saving solutions such as double glazing, wall/floor/ceiling insulation, and thermostatic controls where we can.
  • We also incorporate the very latest energy performance parameters, as set out by the UK Government Building Regulations, with additional upgrades where required by planning stipulations to make BREEAM ‘Excellent’ achievable in all circumstances.

If you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your learning environment even further, talk to us today about installing solar panels, sedum living roofs and geothermal systems.

Sustainable Buildings 


Minimal Disruption

For a school to maintain a steady, productive learning environment for its students, there needs to be as little disruption as possible. Which is why off-site Modular construction is so sought after, with only 30% of the overall build taking place on-site to assemble the finished build, and less trade companies needed on-site for the assembling process.

Once your classroom block is complete, we can also landscape the surrounding area, making sure the new additions integrate seamlessly with the existing grounds.


The Building Process

At Modulek, we take care of everything for our education sector clients. From submitting all the necessary planning permissions, to landscaping the surrounding area of the finished build.

We understand that time and resource is difficult to facilitate when you have a school to run. To assist you we offer a full turnkey solution, which includes submitting all the required planning permissions paperwork on your behalf. It includes the supplementary information required which is completed by our team of construction specialists, who maintain a 100% planning success rate, so we can ensure that your application has the best possible chance of being accepted the first time round.

Our process also includes:

  • Full planning and design
  • Compliance with Building Regulations support
  • Site preparation and landscaping

We believe that, at the core of creating timeless, state-of-the-art classroom blocks, is a collaborative process between us and our clients. Our approach puts you and your students at the heart of the project, with our team of specialist designers and architects on hand every step of the way to discuss concepts, layouts and internal facilities.

We also believe that transparency is the best policy, and we are always available to offer you professional, impartial expertise and advice, to help you get the most out of your classroom blocks.

Read more about our modular building system. 


Why Choose Modulek for your Classroom Construction?

Schools require energy efficient, fit for purpose buildings that will stand the test of time whilst adhering to a budget. Which is why we offer a turkey solution that is not at risk of surprise costs or delays midway through your build.

As part of the management of the project, we offer all of our clients an exceptional level of customer service and a collaborative approach, with our team of construction and design specialists on hand every step of the way. Our process includes:

  • Free consultation and professional site surveys.
  • Bespoke designs.
  • Full design service, featuring immersive 3D visuals.
  • Fixed price from the very start.
  • Reliable project timeline of your construction window.
  • Guarantee that we will not sign off a project until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

For school extensions in the UK, modular is a fantastic way to bring your facilities into the future, and expand your teaching capacities, in a way that’s as forward-thinking as your students.

For children and young adults to feel inspired, their surroundings must reflect what really matters to them: environmental consciousness, modern design choices, and spaces that feel safe. Our team takes pride in making that a reality. 

Contact us to speak to one of our directors to find out more about how the modular approach can help you provide inspirational learning environments.

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