Over Budget Projects

How Modulek can bring your project back within budget

There are many reasons why a traditional build method can exceed an initial budget. The rising price of materials combined with increasing transportation and labour costs are the most common; all significantly contributing to over budget projects. At this point, you may find yourself facing the following questions. Can I reduce the building footprint and / or floorplan to cut costs? Can the finishing be of a lower specification to bring costs in line with my budget? What elements of the initial brief can I remove to save costs? If you are having to contemplate these questions, then Modulek can help.

Case Study - St Georges College

To read how we worked with St Georges College to rescue a building that had gone over budget

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Production Efficiencies and Cost Savings


Our team of expert designers specialise in taking traditional build drawings and plans and value engineering them to reproduce the required building footprint and floorplan. Working to the same specification we can include the individual design elements of your project and bring your project back within budget.

Our unique hybrid modular construction method is highly efficient and cost-effective. Off-site manufacturing is proven to reduce project costs due to the efficiencies in production and lower the overall build cost.  

Up to 70% of the build is completed in the factory with strict quality control standards being met throughout the manufacturing process. These production efficiencies result in cost savings when compared to traditional build methods. Fewer deliveries and less trades needed on site add to the savings of the overall project costs.

We have successfully enabled many projects to proceed without the proposed new building being compromised on design or floor plan. 

If you are in the position of having to make compromises, call us today to see how we can help you bring your project back within budget and back within budget.




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