Modular vs Traditional

‘Modular construction’ is the utilisation of off-site technology enabling around 70% of the construction to be produced in factory conditions.

‘Traditional construction’ is the linear method of building with raw materials on site and follows the conventional stage by stage process from the foundations up.

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Up To 70% Faster Than Traditional Build

With 70% of the Modular Construction completed off-site in factory-controlled environments there are minimised delays in the overall construction process from weather conditions.

It is then transported to site in large modular sections where the remaining 30% is completed to provide the vital look, feel and final finishes of a traditional build, making it impossible to tell them apart.



Tighter Controls Than Traditional Build

The off-site production process allows for greater quality control and can operate at much higher levels of productivity than traditional construction.

One Fixed Cost Against Multiple Traditional Build Costs

There are fewer risk factors within the off-site production process, that with traditional build typically drive-up unexpected project costs and delays.

Less Impact to The Environment Than Traditional Build

Modular construction reduces the carbon footprint of the project. The modular sections are delivered whole resulting in fewer deliveries and less trades being required on-site than on traditional construction projects.

Precision engineering using the very latest technologies in the off-site production process, results in less waste of materials compared to traditional build.

Performance Built-in Rather Than Added to Traditional Build

Modular buildings are designed with energy efficiency in mind from the outset incorporating the very latest stringent energy performance parameters, as set out by the UK Government Building Regulations, with upgrades to meet BREEAM ‘Excellent’ achievable where required to meet planning stipulations.


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