Modular buildings for airports

Has your airport company considered the benefits of having modular buildings? Modular buildings for airports are predicted to be the future of the industry, due to the incredible amount of benefits these buildings possess. Discover the endless possibilities of using modular buildings in airports when you choose Modulek as your construction company.

Airport modular buildings

Modular buildings have come a long way since their initial design many years ago. At Modulek, we have designed our modular buildings to fit into a modern and fast-paced environment. We are able to create modular buildings of all shapes and sizes, so each building is created for your exact specifications.

Adding temporary or permanent modular buildings to an airport allows for wide variety of different uses. Our modular buildings can be used as work spaces, extra terminals for additional airlines your company might decide to work with, rest areas for work members, and they are also great spaces for storage.

Modular buildings for airports

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    Benefits of modular buildings

    There are dozens of benefits in choosing to have modular buildings created for airports. Some of the key advantages include:

    • Environmentally less sensitive
    • Low in weight
    • Reduced professional labourer fees
    • Reduced site labour requirements
    • Reduction in waste
    • Repetition of prefabrication means more economical
    • Safer construction
    • Short build time
    • Superior quality

    Modulek build supreme modular buildings for airports

    During Modulek’s 25 years in the industry, we have successfully created bespoke modular buildings for the military, schools and colleges, and for the health services. Our products are not limited to just to those sectors, as we will design and build modular buildings for all domestic, commercial and industrial needs.

    All of our modular building production and construction takes places off-site, so your airport will never be disturbed by loud building noises or construction people being in the way. At Modulek, we work inside our expansive warehouse, so we never stop working due to bad weather, allowing us to stick to our strict deadlines.

    Our company is accredited to the following manufacturing organisations: Modular Portable Buildings Association (MPBA), Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and Construction Health & Safety Scheme (CHAS).

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    Optimism – ‘Can do’ attitude; we believe in achieving your wishes

    Innovation – Introducing new concepts


    Find out more about our unique and expertly made modular buildings, by viewing our videos that show the construction and installation of our buildings. Alternatively, our gallery has many photographs showing visual representations of the interiors of the modular buildings.

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    Transform your airport for the better, through the use of modular buildings. Contact Modulek today to discuss how modular buildings for airports, schools, building sites and other sites will benefit your business. Contact us on 01202 813121.