Modular Retail Units

Modular Retail Units

Who would have thought that a retail unit, something that has traditionally been built using conventional brick and mortar methods could be built using modular? Did you know that they can?

But why should I choose modular? There are so many benefits to choosing a more modular approach, creating a building that can be delivered with speed, cost and environmental benefits…

Benefits of modular retail units

A modular retail unit can be built within a fraction of the time it takes to building a traditional building, and it is just as permanent. If you are in the retail or leisure sector, you are most likely facing huge competition and therefore require the ability to build a new store or office as quickly as possible.

The main delay you may face will be gaining planning permission…however as soon as the green light has been given, your new unit can be built and operational in as little as three weeks!

The speed of the modular construction process means you will benefit from supreme cost savings! From labour, equipment to contractors and architects, every other party involved in the project will have their time reduced on-site…in addition groundworks can run alongside the building works hence the coined term ‘offsite construction’ as buildings are built offsite and then delivered to your location!

Have you considered the benefits to the environment, by choosing offsite construction methods? Energy efficient materials such as heat-treated Thermowood and solar panels, alongside many other smart gadgets, mean that your building will be sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Are you concerned that a modular building may be boxy and uniform looking? Modular buildings have evolved over time to attractive, clean, bright and modern structures in our cities. Do you want something that is more unique and bespoke to you? Then modular construction will be a key ingredient to creating a store of your dreams!

Modular buildings are not weak and inferior…they meet British standards and building regulations and are compliant with UK building regulations. They will last for 60 years, so most likely will outlive you and me!

Modular construction is certainly the future, when it comes to modular retail units…less disruption, more speed and the highest of quality…consider modular for your next retail unit!

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