Modular School Buildings…the solution to the ever-increasing school population

Modular School Buildings…the solution to the ever-increasing school population

As parents find out whether they have been successful in their application for their choice of school for their children, head teachers are having to face the harsh reality of a population boom. Latest research suggests that 12,835 new school classrooms will be needed to accommodate the additional 385,000 pupils who are just entering the UK’s school system. That means 640 new schools will be needed…in two years! But how are we going to relieve the strain that local authorities and school leaders are facing?

It is important that school headteachers find and focus on a solution that allows them to create additional school places quickly and resourcefully, without compromising on quality. This is where modular construction can benefit schools!

Construction of new school buildings is something that most headteachers dread. One of the biggest issues when you’re trying to complete any type of construction near children is that you have to try and complete it when they’re not around. This is because safety comes first; especially when there are younger children who are not particularly safety conscious! This results in projects taking longer to complete. If you can complete construction on weekends and school holidays, construction of a new building can take months, leading to a shocking amount of increased costs.

With modular buildings, creation of a new building is far faster than traditional construction methods. Your new building can be constructed offsite, hence the term offsite construction, and the foundations and onsite preparations can take place at the same time, therefore resulting in a project that can be finished in half the time, if not less. As you can imagine, this results in lower construction expenses and a quicker return on investment.

Seemingly never-ending cuts to budgets makes a construction project seem very daunting. There are far more crucial things for schools to be investing in such as wages and equipment. Modular buildings are much cheaper, and therefore more affordable to build and maintain when compared to their traditional counterparts. This means that a school with the smallest of budgets can still tackle the ever-increasing school population by funding a new building.

One of the best characteristics of modular buildings is that they are flexible. If you ever need to expand, refurbish or configure your building, they can be disassembled and relocated, giving you the chance to invest in something that is lifelong.

Modular Building

Most people consider modular buildings to be uniform, boring and as having no character, something that modular buildings used to be! However times have changed, and each modular building is unique and designed with your aspirations in mind. Each modular building is high quality and is built using durable materials that are built to last, meaning that you will certainly get a first class building. Have you ever dreamt of having a building in your own bespoke colours? Then modular is for you! You can choose bespoke finishes, creating a building that aesthetically blends in with your environment.

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