Building Plans to Mitigate Risk


If like me, you have spent the best part of the last 12 months trying to make sense of the UK economy you may be caught in two minds as to how to best navigate the current economic climate.

Whether that is commercially or personally, there is no disputing that we are in uncertain times and this is having an effect on all of us in some way, shape or form.

As a Marketing Manager I like to try and see situations from both sides and believe that there are always solutions to situations; we just have to think a little harder and outside the box.

Having spent the past few years working with educational professionals, I am grateful to have attended numerous conferences this year and sat with you to listen to the insightful and informative advice that your umbrella organisations have shared as part of their conference agenda’s. 

One conversation where I believe we can assist you with is the subject of ‘Mitigating risk with reconfiguration, segmentation and diversification.’

A common marketing topic: understanding and defining your place within the market and being able to adapt to a changing market.

Applying these principals to the educational industry there are opportunities where Modulek can help and offer solutions for you to consider.

“We wanted a company, not only to provide us with an outstanding building and within a defined budget, but also to understand the background to the project. On all three counts, Modulek delivered and, additionally, absolutely on time.”


All Saints Academy.



As you look for ways to adapt your existing establishment, you may be considering what changes you can make to increase revenue and put in place growth opportunities to secure your future security.

Extending year groups, adding a 6th form, or offering flexible boarding options may be ideas that are being discussed. Having space with development potential can create the opportunity for a new building that can accommodate additional pupils and enhance your offering for day or full-time boarding students. 



This may be the time for your setting to identify as leading specialist is certain educational subject areas. Strong teaching facilities and dedicated space that can attract pupils who wish to specialise their studies in designated curriculum areas such as Science, Humanities, The Arts or Sports.

Many of you may be looking to lead the way in your region by providing the very latest teaching spaces and enhancing subject specific areas of expertise. Dedicated new buildings that house the best learning environments and facilities will attract pupils who wish to flourish and pursue their natural areas of interest, curiosity, and ability.



Have you identified an area within your region that you think your educational setting could facilitate a gap or a need? Considering the environment that you are based in, there could be opportunities to extend your offering into the wider community for potential estate expansion.

Whether that is by adding a pre-prep building or a multi-use building that could be used by existing pupils and offered out within the community also, a new building can add to your estate portfolio and provide additional revenue.

Throughout history, all periods of challenging times also create opportunities for growth. In true British fashion, we are unique in our ability to make the best of any situation.  The unpredictable British weather, the success, or failure of our national sporting teams, we show resilience and keep going.

Here at Modulek we are here to support you and our future generations. We understand this current climate, we understand how and why we need to provide you with build cost certainty, and we understand why you need financially viable new building solutions to help your estate become resilient and grow.

If you are looking at ways to mitigate your risk and put in place plans to grow your educational offering and estate, then please do give us a call on 01202 813121. We are happy to discuss how we can work with you to provide a new building that can help you achieve this.

This article was originally published in the Independent Schools Magazine for June/July.

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